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Cognitive manipulation by parasites can override free will

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Romancing with success leads us to failure

- Treat every situation as a shot in a game.
- Remove the biases made around thoughts.
- Don’t create comfort zones after any success.
- Keep focused & involved in every activity.


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A paper in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General explores differences between people's predictions of how conversations will go when they are honest with others and how they actually go.

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Anger can be used as a strategy

- Accept your emotions with yourself.
- Be mindful & make yourself productive
- Use anger as strategy not as your emotion.
- Handle intelligently to strategise differently.


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Among the news headlines, I saw that psychologists found 4 base personality types. If you are anything like me, you probably cheated and looked at the archetypes first. But that is counterproductive, as you already are trying to access where you are located and will fit your answers accordingly. I think it would be more beneficial if you didn't know what the archetypes were and have someone or something access your personality from there.

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The “ABCDE” Behaviors that Derail Relationships When You are Feeling Depressed

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The World of Digital Dangers (And What You Can Do About Them)

Mary Aiken (below) is a forensic cyberpsychologist.

A woman on a mission, she desires to change how we use emerging technology by explaining how it shapes our children and influences our behaviour and values.

Aiken is the author of The Cyber Effect, a splendid book describing the irresistible (and scary) world of technology and how it influences human lives and behaviours from cradle to grave.

From Internet addiction, cyber-exhibitionism, online predators, and teenage narcissism, to fake accounts (aka catfishing), digital hyperchondria, and cyber-criminals lurking in the Deep Web, the book brings us on a fascinating (and frightening) tour of why "the triple A Engine" of the Internet - anonymity, accessibility, and affordability - can become a recipe for delinquent behaviours.

Let us look at each one of these areas in detail, and consider the valuable lessons which we can apply in our lives. #digitalliteracy #cyberbullying #medialiteracy

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Breathing helps us in decision-making

- Listen inhalation & exhalation for conscious breathing.
- Try to analyse different patterns in your breathing.
- Balance your emotions with regulating your breathing.
- Keep your mind awake to face any disaster.


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Consumption of raw foods is related to better mental health
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