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I regret to announce that, as of today, Wearable Widgets is deprecated on Samsung Gear watches.

I know I've posted about the issues with Gear before, and unfortunately, things haven't improved. After spending quite a lot of time addressing their problem widgets, Samsung's approval team continues to find new ones. Their attitude remains, "If it doesn't work perfectly for all widgets, no updates can be released for any."

One of their latest "problem" widgets is the Samsung calendar: picking a widget which takes virtually the entire phone screen, then complaining that it doesn't scale legibly to a 360px watch screen.

The upshot is that Samsung has simply stopped accepting updates to the WW watch apps - and the corresponding reality is that I simply cannot continue to invest time into apps that will never be released. It's time to cut my losses and move on.

Just got my Gear 3S Frontier and found this app... even though I paid the one time upgrade, I am only able to add o e widget to the Gear... what am I doing wrong?

What happened?!?!?!
I was enjoying the use of an on-demand app for my widgets & now I was forced to update to a watch face is there anybody out there that can send me a copy of the older version for the samsung gear s2? I really liked that version & if it ain't broke dont fix it!

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I am ready for the lunar eclipse tomorrow, following the Moon Phase Pro stages on my Gear S3 with Wearable Widgets
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Hi I have just upgraded to a s9+ only to find that after pairing my gear s I lost my paid version of wearable widgits. Seen your post re why it's no longer in the galaxy store. Could I please have a link to the gear s paid version so I may side load the .wgt file. Thank you.

Version 7.1

Last week I released an early beta of this version, and I've just updated it today. Mostly, it's fixing bugs and improving the user experience of v7.0's new features, but I'm planning to leave it in beta for a bit just to make sure it's OK.

Here's the changelog...

Phone app:
• Add option to crop text from bottom of widgets in complications
• Fix bug: occasional shortcuts not displaying (such as Alexa)
• Fix a couple of crashes
Wear OS app:
• Decrease pixelation of widgets in complications (requires WW 7.1 on phone)
• Brighten the backup time/date on watch face
• Improvements to UX of selecting Ambient Mode


One more time I'm losing all my widgets on all my watch :(

How can I restore it without setting (and found) again all I have previously set ?

(Sony xperia Z5C with android 7.1.1; WW 6.1 (not update to not have new bugs for new version))

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Last week's Android Police review had a couple of valid criticisms about widgets-in-complications: pixelation, and poor centering of widgets with text at the bottom.

I've been hard at work on solutions, and think I have fixes for both issues. Before release, however, I'm looking for more test cases - specifically for the second item.

So, if you can think of a (2x2 or smaller) widget with text at the bottom, please just drop a mention of it in the comments here and I'll try the new version out on it.

Also: the specific widgets mentioned in the article as having this problem were SmartThings, LIFX, and FitBit - none of which I can test myself, because I don't have compatible hardware. If you use any of these apps (and have a Wear OS watch), please get in touch to run a quick test.


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That's an interesting idea. Ridiculous for some, might be very useful for others.

by +Rita El Khoury

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