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To celebrate the general release of Wearable Widgets 6.0, we have an exclusive for you! Designer extraordinaire +Joeri D has created a Zooper template expressly for Wearable Widgets; it's available nowhere else.

Download it from the following links...

For use with phones running Android 7.0 and earlier:

For use with phones running Android 7.1+:

Note that Zooper Widgets has some image scaling issues on Android 7.1, which is why there are two different links here. And yes, you will need Zooper Widgets Pro to use this template, but I suspect most active members here already have it. If not, get it here:


FYI, version 6.0.1 of the Wearable Widgets phone app went out to beta today. The only notable change should be a fix to the Samsung widget-forgetting bug of a couple days ago.

Obviously, if see have any problems with this beta, let me know ASAP please! I'd like to push this fix to production within the next day or two.

OK, this is very strange. In the last 2 days, I've had 3 different users report a problem where the WW app on their phone "forgets" all the widgets they had defined. This obviously means that they can't see widgets on the watch, and they need to reopen the app on the phone and set the widgets up again.

Before yesterday, I'd never had anyone report a problem like this. All of them are running Samsung hardware (both phone & watch), but that's about the only commonality that I can see. They all have different models of phone & watch, though.

So, I'm trying to get more information to figure this out. Needless to say, I can't see the problem on any of my phones/watches here (including Samsung devices). If you have a Samsung watch or phone, please check to see if WW is working properly for you - and let me know if you see anything like this problem.

I did have one user report that "if I only put two or three widgets on it stays longer, but 4 or 5 and they disappear EVERY TIME." This didn't change anything for me (my Gear S is on my wrist right now, happily showing 6 widgets), but it might for some of you.

Something is clearly going on, but I have no idea what right now. Best guess is that an update on the Samsung side has broken something in the interface, but that's about as much as I have so far.

I just discovered this app and would like some more information before adding it to my phone and watch. I have a galaxy s7 edge and a gear s2 watch connected by Bluetooth only. My only interest would be to get my DigiHUD Pro app(which is a speedometer app) and possibly Google maps to show on my watch. I would like to be able to see my speed on my watch and my location on Google maps if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

I've just pushed an update to the v6.0 beta out to Google Play, fixing a number of bugs (thanks +Hervé URBAIN) and improving Wear device detection. If all goes well I hope to move this build to general release later in the week!


Just updated the WW app on the playstore.

When open the app I just have an "Android Wear " section and not see my Tizen widget ??? My Gear S2 display a message "no widget configured" and I not see all my Tizen configured widget ? does it mean I lost ALL MY CONFIGURED WIDGETS for my Gear S2 ? :(

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Phone reboot ?

I do not know if it is related to the widget or to WW but when I add a stopwatch widget from the app :

in WW, my phone reboot after few minutes (<15) ???

happen only when I add this widget in the WW app. If I use the widget on the phone screen I have no issue

(phone reboot but without ask for the SIM code pin.)

Can you find what happen ?

This is an appeal for beta testers for another app (not Wearable Widgets)...

Yesterday I released a major Wear App Manager update out to beta - and the only report I've had so far is that it crashes on the watch. I'm having trouble getting a logcat from the user, so I'm hoping someone here can help out. The update is largely to support Wear 2, but the app should still work fine with 1.x, and that's where the crash is being reported (on a ZenWatch 3, FWIW).

I'm looking for anyone with an Android Wear watch who'd be willing to try this out, give feedback, and send a log from the watch if there's a problem. I'd especially appreciate it if anyone here with a ZW3 could take a look at it.

If you'd be willing to help, here's the beta link:

And here are some promo codes to get you going:

Many thanks!

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Rolling out to the beta channel now: Wearable Widgets version 6.0

The most visible change here is the introduction of a "hamburger" system menu for navigation; accompanying that is completely overhauled device management within the app...

Wearables are now managed individually, rather than by type (Wear or Gear). So for instance, if you have 2 Wear watches that you wear for different activities, you can put different widgets on each. But if you don't want to do so - if you want to still see the same widgets on different watches - check out the new Device Linking to do just that.

This release also includes an uncoupled Wear APK distributed independently on Wear 2.0's on-device Play store. Of course, it won't do anything without the phone app to send it widgets ;^) but this is all in accordance with the new guidelines for Wear 2.

And as with any major release, there are lots of other, smaller changes & fixes throughout the app. Take it for a spin and let me know what you think!

Anyone else with a S3 getting a Failed to Send Tap notification frequently? I have to go into my recent apps and close the app, and when I re-open it works most of the time.

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