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JOIN TO my community. chelangers welcome ARTWORK chelange for all who like chelanges weekly community heders 1st places artwork will be weekly header

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Name: blue
Age: 15
Presoality : she is kind and evil yes half hearted
Likes : fun music singing and dancing
Dislikes: rude people and when her other side comes out
Bio : she is half hearted and now she learned to control it a bit but sometimes it come out randomly

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Name: Fang
Age: 18
Sexuality: bisexual
personality: shadowy, but protective over the innocent and friends
Likes: justice, freedom, and friends
Dislikes: thugs, villains, etc
Bio: after watching his family slaughtered, and him barely making it out. He sought out vengeance on them and every other criminal
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Name: violet (A.k.a the kawii K)
Gender: female
Age: 15
Species: cat
Likes: fish,science,alpacas,bubbles,fluffyness
Dislikes: math
Crush: none
Personality: kind,caring,loyal to friends,swift,quick thinking,
Apperence: pretty,pink fur,silver eyes,has black tufts,2 pink short tails,pink chest and belly,has a pink and black hair strip on her face

Bio: comes from kawii land and is friends with kawii potatos

name MikeyDooX
age 13
like doctor who <Over the Garden wall,Gravity Fall, Steven Universe
and MLP
like realy AWESOME STORY POST and art
Don't like bad story posts 
bio nice all the time 

I'll invite more plp

name. kenzie
personaltey. kind but a little bit of timper.
likes. sing and watch fnaf videos
dislikes. haters, when firestar takes over
bio. will protect friends and club members

Just by the title I have a feeling I'll fit in here. X3

Hallo! And thanks for the invite o3o

I'm a gusse this what a temtale for this is
Why you whant mod:
What whold you do as mod:

Don't forget to tell them what is required to make an application
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