I have been hacked. Those responsible are also the burglars who have been targeting my flat. A massive 'thanks' for all of you who have (and continue to) geo-locate me, thus giving the robbers plenty of notice as to how long I will be away from my flat. F***ing PRICELESS!! what would I do without you? Hm?

Did anyone think to ask the kidney?

The Translator sketch, pure genius! I was on the floor! I show it to EVERYONE! One of the funniest, well-acted pieces of work I have ever seen. This is up there with the 'four candles/fork handles' Ronnie Barker sketch, IMHO (in my humble opinion). If you haven't seen it, get on youtube now!

I LOVE CATHERINE!!! SO Glad you have a community for her.. Am I Bovvered Tho?!? LOL
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