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Dr. Smash is our newest project coming to life via a Kickstarter soon. Check it out at (social links near the bottom of the page)
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Upcoming beta testing:

Kids Club Mobile -
ABC Learn and Trace
123 Learn and Trace
Jigsaw Puzzles

Anyone here with kids or nieces/nephews?

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It's live on the play store! I need a list of features people want for updates :D Also, please report and bugs to me ;)

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Version 0.0.6 beta is out for Poke Connect.

Added push notifications, push notification settings, friends list (adding, removing, blocking users), fixed some bugs and graphics.

It's been a while since I have posted in here. We have 4 upcoming beta applications that need to be tested.

PokeConnect - a Pokemon mini social network app that allows fellow players to connect, chat, post events, write guides, and more
Beta Link -

Kids Club Mobile - ABC Learn and Trace - There will be 8 mini games inside this game starting out. (Coming soon to beta testing)

Kids Club Mobile - Puzzle Zone - A simple jigsaw puzzle game with different difficulties! (Coming soon to beta testing)

Kids Club Mobile - Koi Count - Feed the fish! Learn to count. (Coming soon to beta testing)

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What would you as a player like to see next?
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New enemies?
Challenging friends?
Achievements and Badges?
Head to Head mode on the same device?

Color Strike v1.0.6 is out.

Cube health bar
Fixed error out on startup and playing game
Changed Cube life to be the same on all difficulties
New formula: 5 taps + 2 taps per GROW = total 25 possible taps to kill a slime cube
I was going to add in HP display but with the font/graphics I have it didn't turn out well.  Also, I tried plain font and it took some of the polish away when I did that.  Didn't feel right.

There were 4 errors that were fixed that 22 people ran into.  We take each error/bug and squash them to make this game the best. :D
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