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I'm listening to: Lynyrd Skynrd - Free Bird

Brilliant for Audio Books on YT ...
plus obviously the music ...
Room for improvement, but meanwhile very happy ...

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Hello....Can u make AT Player be Playable and Listening in Screen TurnOff mode,,i meant Background Playing. ...Like Background Video Player did,If u can make likethat ,it relly be Great n ill be very glad...Thankyou

I am enjoying the app, however I do have one question:

When listening to a playlist in "shuffle" mode, is it possible for the player to play all of the songs in the playlist before it repeats any one song?

Hi, is there a way to only stream the music and not the video? Want to save bandwidth and battery

Ever since the update the other day this program has not worked properly or not the same anyway it keeps freezing and every time it tries to load an ad it screws it all the way up to where you have to close it and restart it any ideas from anyone
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