also, this is a revised version of my DHMIS oc but basically everything about her was scrapped beside her eye color, nationality, and of course, name)

"I ripped my heart apart so you'd never get to hurt me again the way you did when we were young." / "We scratched our names in that oak tree, cos I loved you, and you loved me. A jagged little heart so the whole town knew it, carved into bark with an arrow through it. Well I came out here to see it one more time... and I got my chainsaw!"

Name- Sura Ann-Marie Jones

Nicknames- Sura the Dead Snowflake, Suri

Age- 22

Rank- Charge??

Follower- (OPEN)

Description- A 5'6" girl with curly black ringlets, bright blue eyes, and a pale-tan complexion. She's deaf in her left ear.

Apparel- A black and white striped long sleeve shirt, dark blue jeans, and black puddle boots.

Theme(s)- "Chainsaw" - The Band Perry

Voice- Sia

Lily skipped down the street to Matthew's house. Hoodie followed behind her, walking.

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Ellie was sitting cross-legged on her couch with Toby draping himself over the back like a child. Her aunt was out at work, and Biter was laying on the floor, asleep. They were watching "Monsters Inside Me" and Ellie was laughing at how much Toby cringed at the imagery. Even better was the fact Ellie had a bowl of popcorn. While watching a show about parasites.


(haha I'm watching Monster's Inside Me rn
it's a good show.)
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+Freckles thє flαrєσn Lapis  You or one of the others should send me this on April 9th my bday lolol xDD

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+Freckles *thє flαrєσn* Lapis 
"Who the fuck needs a social life when you got the voices in your head to keep you company?!"
-Toby, quote of the year

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"Maybe I should run away again and let you forget that you were once my friend, then watch another go on and do better... without me." / "I take one, one, one 'cause you left me. Two, two, two, for my family. Three, three, three for my heartache. Four, four, four for my headaches. Five, five, five for my lonely. Six, six, six for my sorrow. Seven, seven for no tomorrow. Eight, eight- I forgot what eight was for. Nine, nine, nine for a lost God, Ten Ten Ten- EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!"

Name- Toby Erin Rodgers

Nicknames- Tob (pronounced toe-b)

Age- 16 / 18

Rank- Follower

Charge- Ellie Wensveen

Description- A skinny, deceivingly weak looking teenage boy with curly brown hair. The left side of his mouth is horrifically scarred, which is why he wears a mask covering it.

Apparel- A black turtleneck, and a brown sweatshirt with striped sleeves and a blue hood, a mask covering his mouth, orange goggles, jeans, and black boots. He carries two hatchets, one of which is worn and old.

Theme(s)- "It's OK, I wouldn't remember me either" - Crywank / "Kiss Off" - Violent Femmes

Voice- Crywank
Ticci Toby
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"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, and let go and see what happens."
"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."


Name- Cherry Fields

Nicknames- Cher

Age- 16

Rank- Open

Follower- Needed

Description- A 5'6", 16 year old girl with long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and freckles.

Apparel- (1st pic)

Theme- "Safe And Sound" - Taylor Swift

Voice- Clementine - Walking Dead: The Video Game
Cherry Fields
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