rain ran along the forest floor. She had to get to a sanctuary. She could tell it was going to rain by the smell. She stumbled on a root

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Name: LynxFur
Rank: Deputy
Clan: FreezeClan
Age: 28 moons
Sex: Tom
Bio: was born in FreezeClan and raised, was mentored by a twisted mean warrior, who was later killed, later I was captured by twolegs, and when I escaped I found FreezeClan and that leads up to now
Apperence: picture below

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Name- Blizzardpelt

Age- 32 moons

Rank- Deputy

Gender- female

Clan- Willowclan

Personality- loyal, kind, outgoing, determined, protective, etc

Looks or picture- (its a pic)

Mate- Nightshade

Kits- Hollykit, Flowerkit, Stagkit
2 Photos - View album

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NAME shimmerkit shimmerpaw shimmerpelt
AGE five moons
GENDER female
CLAN soulclan
RANK kit

mother: longtooth (NPC)
father: halfface
sisters: open, please ask
brothers: halfkit(?) +And, unknown
crush: too young
mate: too young
kits: too young

PERSONALITY shimmerkit is a popular cat, even at a young age. unlike most kits she isn't super excited about every little thing and though she gets curious about some things, she isn't overly curious. shimmerkit is a charismatic young femme and very likeable. with her mother, she rarely to never gets in trouble and is the perfect child. at least, she acts like it. shimmerkit has the makings of a bully, being rude and often picking on cats who seem weaker than her or are younger and more gullible than her. shimmerkit is easily made jealous and very greedy, rather than ambitious. yet sometimes shimmerkit is just a kitten eager for some fun. the only cat who is safe from her rude tongue that is around her age, would be her younger brother (halfkit?). 

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NAME ebonykit ebonypaw ebonyfang
AGE forty moons old
GENDER female
CLAN riseclan
RANK medicine cat

mother: ravenpool (NPC)
father: sandfall (NPC
sisters: dawntail (NPC)
brothers: none
crush: open for development
mate: forbidden
kits: forbidden

BIOGRAPHY when ebonykit was born, all she wanted to do was be leader of her clan. her mother ravenpool ( pitch black with a sleek pelt and violet toned blue eyes ) was a sensible and understanding warrior who was very compassionate and empathetic with her clanmates. her father sandfall ( tan tabby with high white and amber yellow eyes and long claws ) was one of the best warriors in all of riseclan. he was strong and an outstanding leader, but never made leader or even deputy in fear his short-temper and ambitions would get the best of him. ebonykit had one younger sister, who she seemed to despise subconsciously since birth. dawnkit ( tan tabby with high white and blue eyes and a long tail ) grew to be sprightly, enthusiastic, and imaginative. she stood out, not only in the family but in the clan. however their clanmates adored dawnkit. however, for some odd reason, they almost always ignored ebonykit. most likely due to her bad attitude, or how close she was to her father. everyone viewed sandfall as a dangerous cat, all except for ravenpool, ebonykit, and dawnkit. upon being apprenticed however, a special request was made. the medicine cat, roseleaf, wanted to take ebonypaw as her apprentice. this surprised everyone of the clan, even ebonypaw and dawnpaw. almost everyone knew dawnpaw's dream was to become medicine cat. however, roseleaf chose ebonypaw and stuck to it. ebonypaw began to enjoy training under roseleaf more than she ever expected, while her sister dawnpaw grew distant and jealous. ebonypaw was made a full medicine cat at the age of nineteen moons, and was named ebonyfang due to her sharp words and witty tongue that always seemed to make roseleaf chuckle. finally, the day had come. sandfall was banished from riseclan after trying to attack the deputy, hoping he would he the replacement. the attack failed, thankfully, but sandfall payed the price. as did ravenpool. there, ravenpool announced she was pregnant once again. she said that she would always love sandfall, no matter what he did to his clanmates she trusted him to never harm her. ravenpool suggested to be banished as well, to join her mate in exile. the mated couple argued, since sandfall didn't want ravenpool to leave her daughters and chance of a good well-fed life behind for an ambitious tom who almost murdered his clanmates. ravenpool won the argument, and the two left. ebonyfang and dawntail do not know of their parents' whereabouts or conditions to this day.

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NAME molekit molepaw molenose molestar
AGE sixty-two moons
CLAN marshclan
RANK leader (?)

mother: whitejaw
father: sunfang
sisters: open, please ask
brothers: open, please ask
crush: open for development
mate: open
kits: none

BIOGRAPHY molekit was born on a warm new-leaf day, close to sun-high. whitejaw (black shecat with a white maw and chest) was an outstanding warrior and deputy of marshclan. she was judgmental and often sarcastic, but was loving to her clanmates and a good diplomat. sunfang (russet red tom with dark amber eyes and white socks) was charismatic and likable. he often bothered whitejaw and tended to be egotistical and overprotective, but he loved her all the way. molekit was their only offspring, but a perfect one. as a kitten, the tom was orderly and obedient. whenever asked something, he would do it. rarely did molekit even think about disobeying orders, and he was very persuasive and helped keep other kits in the camp. whenever molekit was apprenticed, he was a mess. his mentor was dawntail (tan tabby with high white and amber eyes) was a sprightly and enthusiastic older shecat with a bright optimism and imagination. she often let molepaw make his own decisions and left him without orders, but that did not make her a bad mentor. her teaching style helped make him stronger in improvising and thinking outside the box. however molepaw was still rather lost, grumpy, and snappy during apprenticeship. whitejaw was the current deputy of marshclan. the leader was wise and intelligent, but terribly grumpy and one-minded. his name was barkstar (white tom with oak brown tabby splashes and blue eyes). when barkstar finally passed of old age, whitejaw took her medicine cat (name), her mate sunfang, and her son molepaw (at the time known as molenose) on the way to go gain her nine lives. sadly, she refused to choose a deputy before leaving. the group was attacked by rogues. whitejaw and sunfang were surprised and killed by the attackers. one had knocked sunfang into the river they followed and beat his head against a rock. another had grappled with whitejaw, but molenose never saw her death. she had told (name) and her son to run back to the clan, that she would return. they did so but whitejaw never kept her promise. two days later they found both sunfang and whitejaw's bodies in the river border on marshclan territory. (name) was visited that very night by the spirits of whitejaw, sunfang, and barkstar. all of them agreed the new leader of marshclan. the next day, molenose was appointed leader despite the fact of never having and apprentice or being deputy. many of his clanmates, especially the elders and senior warriors, argued because of this fact. however all of marshclan accepted it due to (name)'s words and the words and guidance of starclan.

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Name: Halfkit
Age: 5 moons
Rank: kit
Gender: male
Clan: Soulclan
Personality: understanding, nice, quiet
Looks: sorry it's a bad picture

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"Hello, my name is Moonfeather."

~Theme song~
Warriors- Imagine Dragons

"Moonfeather like i said..."

"Female as you can tell"

"Im a rouge, and i have been for a long time. But i may think of being with Soulclan sometime."

"My mom is Deadwing, she was a dust colored cat with black spots on her paws tail and belly. Her eyes shined pure gold but she is with the Darkforest."
"My dad is Thunderclaw. He was a bright yellow bright as the sun he was best with running he had a white belly with green as grass eyes. He is resting in Starclan now..."
"My sister. Is a she cat named Angelpool. She is a white she cat with a black spot on her chest that forms of a look of a heart, some black freckles and black paws. She lives with me."

"As you see from the photo im a tabby cat with some swirls. I have a bit of a short tail but it will do. I have a crystal blue eye and a oak brown eye."


Hunting: 6/10
Climbing: 0/10
Stamina: 9/10
Battling: 10/10
Swimming: 4/10
Medic skills: 3/10
Speed: 5/10
Jumping: 5/10
Leadership: 0/10
Loyalty: 3/10
Thief skills: 8/10
Hiding: 4/10

"I can say im quite stubborn, nice, strong, Creative, Secretive, childish, thief.. more along those lines"

"So you wanna know my past, eh? Fine. I was a accident, my sister was the only one planned. But my mom still very much loved me. My dad was quite mad that my mom had 2 kittens but he delt with it. He ACTED like he loved me but he really didn't. So we were born in Mushclan at first it was, fun id say? I was runt, and you know what happens to the runts?! They get bullied, they get hated and they are left out and left by there mentor saying "Don't worry, uh tomorrow we have something fun planned" but they keep saying it but they don't do it it just makes me want to scream out that IM NOT ANY DIFFERENT. They treat my sister with the love and respect she wishes for, while im just sitting in my den rotting like trash. I got sick of clan life. I wanted to leave oh so badly, i wanted to cry each night knowing that tomorrow was going to be another nightmare for the young she cat, me. We left. We found a cave in the middle of all territories, it was purrfect. Vines hanged from the entrance moss covered the top all the medicine we need just grew at the caves edges a pond laid a few fox lengths away from it, prey came oh so often it was beutiful. The cave was big so we made are own little rooms. My room was quite big as i was a big cat. My sisters room collided with mine as hers was filled with medicine and water it was nature in a little tiny space. My mom and dad shared the last room it was in the back of the cave. The cave was so old some stone hardened as like mini shelves. I felt like a 2leg. As my sister was born with no claws she would just sort herbs and explore with me. Soon disaster struck. A few moons it was the WORST Green-leaf i ever had with my sister. My dad had died during it. It was a flood, it rained and poured the clans were forced to evacuate to the trees, it was that bad. I had gotten the trait of me not being able to climb from my dad so we were dead as a rotting mouse by a tree. But my mom had saved me and left my dad for dead in the rushing water. I would never forget that my mom would rather save me, a worthless peice of foxdung than save my hero of a dad. Wow. 10 moons has passed it is my 24th moon and it was my sisters 25th moon. I hated it. My mom had died during a drought. She died from dehydration. I won't go through it, i think i have wasted enough tome of yours judt to tell my dumb past. Well bye and find better then me like Angelpool..."

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"Hiya!! My name is Lake, yours?"

"Lake, like i said but I can always repeat it if you don't understand!" Soon when she joins a clan (in my first rp of her, she will be in Riseclan

"Female, duh."

"Clan? What clan? Im a missing something?! Oh uh im a house cat I live next to a forest though."

"Oh so my mom is soo over protective of me she never leaves my sight.. She is a dust colored cat with a white tiped tail. Her name is "Dust" she sometimes says she was once a leader of um Airclan? and her past names were Dustclaw, and Duststar sounds cool"
"My dad, he is fun. His name is Midnight and he is a jet black cat with bright sunny eyes. He loves to play with me in the mini stream that leads to the forest. My mom nor dad never lets me go past a bush to the forest."

"Well by the picture clearly you can see it unless your HUHHH BLIND?! Well im a white tabby with some gray spots with brown stripes in the spots. I have sky blue eyes that shine."

"Well i can say im..Playful, shy, Clumsy, bubbly, active, fun, talktive.."

S K I L L S She is a Kittypet so her skills are low but will eventually be better and better over time

Hunting: 5/10
Climbing: 4/10
Battling: 5/10
Jumping: 6/10
Swimming: 7/10
Leadership: 2/10
Hiding: 6/10
Loyalty: 5/10
Stamina: 8/10
Speed: 5/10
Medic skills: 4/10
Thief skills: 2/10

"Um I would like to talk about this later..."


Name- Ghostpelt

Age- (forgot the age equivalents and what not. it's been Soo long. I will fix though.)

Rank- Warrior/Medicine cat. (Either or)

Gender- Male

Clan- Willowpelt

Personality- happy, confused, shy/timid

Looks or picture- pure white fur, his eyes are a blue color with "stars" in his eyes. Like the ones described in Starclan

Bio- (I'm so sorry if this sounds weak, I can always fix these later) Ghostkit died at birth, a moment that never should have happened and it was caused by Starclan's doing. So in return he was sent back but he doesn't get to live a normal life, he sees the world as if he still believes he lives with Starclan, through Starclan eyes, so to speak. Hunger, sickness, fighting, and death confuses him greatly, because he https told that in the afterlife, none of that exists.

Mate- none

Kits- none
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