Next time (if there is a next time), I'll make it an event -sorry to +Vbinnia Radek for the confusion.
Right now it's 9:43am AKST as I write this.
I'll be on my grid in approximately 13 hours from now -11pm my time, tuesday evening, the 25th.

That should be 8am or so BST weds morning (midnight weds morning, SLT).

If no one else shows up, it's ok; I'll take it as a live-and-learn experience and remember to always use google events for these kinds of things. :3

But for whoever's free and inclined to come over, I'll be here:

Moving the conversation back here from +Susannah Avonside's stream.

I think there's enough energy and desire to do some sort of non-commercial group along the lines of opensim creations that it's worth getting together and seeing where everyone's heads are at.

It looks like Tues, July 25th, 2300 AKST works the best for getting together.

Which works out to be Weds, 8am BST.

Since there's only a few of us, I'd consider it a favor if we could inaugurate my new 'rathaus' build by holding our get-together there.

Firestorm claims the address is: hop://

But I think will probably work much better. ;-)

+Vbinnia Radek ...If there's an unexpected flood of people and my server ends up falling over, would you mind if we fell back to Steam to meet?

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I'm sharing my AvatarFest post here, since I addresses the situation as I see it, and the problems posed by IP theft (it weakens open source).

I'll be very surprised if, by the end of AvatarFEST, we're *NOT* painted as the second coming of King Goon by the commercial hypergrid and it's fans.

That's a danger any Opensim Creations Mk II will face as well (so yes -IMO this is on-topic :))
Talla Adam has made the following statement over on Opensim Virtual, which I will respond to here (in addition to the sentiments already expressed by +Eryn Galen which I 100% stand in agreement with):

I love the idea of AvatarFest and have always been willing to give support, however, given the recent concerns raised by members of the community here regarding copybot content being freely given away in some grids I'm going to say something for the honest people that will want to visit AvatarFest this year. I ask the organizers to make it clear they will check to be sure no content is offered at the Fest that is suspect.

This is important and I stand with those in the community that appose copybot and expose the practice so the reputation of Opensim is improved.

Sharing is a wonderful thing but sharing content that is stolen is just wrong and against any standards of decency and honesty. It harms creators and it is unfair on innocent consumers in the community that take these things believing they are given freely by the creator.

I recently visited a well-known grid and saw mesh products being given away free and there was a sign above the entrance more or less saying Don't Pay for it. Take it for Free which is fine if you have the rights to be doing that. The evidence suggests much of content in this case was stolen.

Well, that is one grid owners point of view but it flies in the face of decent standards for our community. Giving freely what you own or have rights to is GOOD Selling what you own or have rights to is also GOOD Anything else is DISHONEST

So, non-commercial and free automatically means IP theft? Yeah, fuck off with all that.

People accuse me of a fondness for tinfoil hatwear, so if nothing else, this is a teachable moment.

I would like folks to read and re-read her statement and notice that in most of Talla Adam's post, she strives to reinforce and already-existing bias which seems to be increasing in opensim that equates freedom and non-profit with theft.

I question her motives for raising the spectre of copybot, and I suspect that either she has been caught up in the latest hysteria, or that she has more grim motives -my guess being to create and reinforce that association between non-commercial activity and theft.

I support free, open source content. Copybot and IP theft undermines open source by weakening IP rights in general.

Copybot also undermines open source creators by creating and reinforcing the association between theft and free -too many people simple stop by the copybotted content, see no-price things and take them the issue no further thought. Free content if nothing else represents not just generosity, but also represnts freedom of choice, represents being part of a larger community and represents freedom of agency -freedom of agency being the biggest problem posed by copybot (ie "I don't care what you want done with the fruits of your labor, I am taking it and doing as I like with it").

That said, Avatarfest is ****NOT***** on board with the latest hysteria wave. We will ***NOT*** go out of our way to play copybot police, and anyone individual or group who takes it upon themselves to play JLU style vigilantes will be banned from this group, and will be banned from the event itself.

Something which has been lost in all this BS is the fact that many SL creators have come into opensim from SL. Just because you see an item in SL *and* in Opensim does not necessarily mean that the content has been stolen. Linda Kellie was not alone, but rather was typical in bringing her sl work into opensim.

I build in Opensim and take my builds *TO* SL. I"m not sure if I'm alone or not, but given how many creators I've heard talk about using opensim as a sandbox, I think not.

I will repeat what I've said before; the non-commercial hypergrid is under attack, both by commercial organizations and by individuals of a particular ideological bent.

And, yes, by the prevelance of copybot (which undermines legit Open Source).

We will quietly remove content that is blatantly copybotted (eg Maitreya bodies, that sort of thing where it's very well known that the creator has no presence in opensim), if you report it do not expect a response won't get it.

That does not mean that it will not be looked into. As a content creator (shitty content is still content) I am opposed to IP theft and I do take it seriously. I will look into it and deleting content if appropriate.

But I'm not buying any wooden witch stakes, nor willing to throw *ANYONE* under the bus without considerable proof.

If you are an SL creator and you see your content here, reach out to me, prove to me that it is actually yours (I'm in SL as well) and I will take it down.

Avatarfest opposes IP theft.

But more than that, of a higher priority, Avatarfest is a showcase for the non-commercial, end-user hypergrid. I intend it as a shelter for the free and still open opensim.

Witch hunts are a larger threat, and as long as this is my festival, we will not be a willing party to them.

In light of a conversation I have had with +Susannah Avonside in the HGB comment section, I have a question for everyone.

How many folks here would be willing to help out or support (in any capacity) a site set up with the same goals as OSC? An OSC II, of sorts?

I couldn't run it, but I'd be damned happy to make content for it.

Please ...discuss.

Reminder that this group is not about selling stuff. We are about free culture and free ideas and open source. It's not a place for your fashion or sex blog, particularly if those fashion or sex blogs have absolutely nothing to to with the OpenSim. I just banned two repeat posters who haven't read my messages. I wish them well in their travels and I hope they find the groups where they get the feedback they're seeking. I'm almost considering making this ask to join but I don't really want to limit the group in that way so I won't do that.

Hey beautiful builders, modders and open source free thinkers, I miss you all. I miss OpenSimCreations. I miss +Vanish Seriath and his clever in your face poetic rants. Tell us about your projects and dreams. Let's share some energy today. As Vanish and Bill and Ted would say "Be excellent to each other."

Doe's anyone know what has become of Linda Kellie?

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for the last week I have been implementing os collar six into the konk system capture methods and finally it is done.. you can easily send a request to capture another avatar.. if they accept they will get temp attach request for collar,cuffs(legs wrist) all the functionality of os collar 6 is intact along with a few apps installed. removing the collar is simple as detaching battlehud and poof all is detached.. remember if you want full functionality of os collar you must have rlv enabled in your viewer.. I have never really messed around with gor and capturing and slave and all that but due to request by grid owners and players using the system it has been included.. for more info on konk game builder visit or

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Are you a builder or developer and can not afford the high rental costs to get the large amount of prims you need to build anything?
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