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you are the Joker and you have for years caused nothing but trouble and Batman was unable to stop you .Then a new hero came to Gotham City.You knew her only as the Raven but though she worked against you your every meeting with her was a divine treat for you that stirred your blood and made you desire to know the woman hidden behind the mask.So you decided to set your plan in motion to find out who was the woman hidden behind the mask who flew with wings of a Raven.So you corner her in a alley one night and...

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Name: Stephanie Brown
Nickname: Steph
Alias: Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl
Alignment: Good
Allies: Bat-Family, Bat Inc., Bird of Prey, Teen Titans, Young Justice, Justice League
Relatives: Arthur Brown (father), Crystal Brown (mother), unamed daughter
Partner(s): Robin/Red Robin (Tim Drake)
Abilities: Acrobatics, Computer Hacking, Escapology, Investigation, Martial Arts, Stealth, Tactical Analysis, Throwing, Expert Tracker
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 129 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Backstory: As the daughter of C-List criminal Cluemaster, Stephanie grew up hating her father. Her father was in jail or away for most of her childhood. However, when she gets word that her father is back up to his old tricks in Gotham, she dons a suit in hopes to "spoil" his plans. After teaming up with the Boy Wonder (Tim Drake), they worked together to stop her father. After years of growing closer together, an argument between Stephanie and Tim lead to her making her own Robin suit and storming into the cave, demanding Bruce make her Robin. However, her triumph and success as Robin did not last long before Bruce fired her. In hopes to prove him wrong, Stephanie set out on her own for a mission and ended up being murdered by Black Mask and starting the worst Gang War Gotham City had ever seen. Two years later, a person working under the name Spoiler began making appearances in Gotham. It is later revealed that it is actually Stephanie, and that Lee had saved her and taken her to Africa for the 2 years in hopes to keep Stephanie a secret. Now, Stephanie is back in Gotham, ready to kick-ass after being "dead" for 2 years.

name deadeye

real name unknow

eye color unknow wearsrg a helmet

weapons sawed off double barle and dual mag44

apprance black trench coat red helmet like redhoodbut is a skull

symbol a red skull

anyone rp

•Name: Jayson Zolomon (Zoom Jr.)

•Age: 19

•Gender: Male

•Powers: Speedster

•Abilities: Lightning throw, Run, Tornado, Lightning gun, Death Run, Block, Phase, Run back in time, Knife hand, and Heal fast.

•Skills: Can run up buildings just like Barry, Create a Lightning gun with a blot of his own Lightning, and Almost Invincible.

•Likes: Nachos, Working alone, Defeating the Flash, Exercising, Music, Running, and keeping secrets

•Dislikes: Being Defeated, Dying, Father, The Flash, Someone in his way, Spicy foods, Christmas, and having someone that he loves get hurt

•Bio: When Zoom ( Hunter Zolomon ) was created he fell in love, but after many incidents like when he became Zoom in the first place, When his lover became pregnant with Jayson he was effected like his father but Jayson got the power of Speed much stronger. When his mother didn't want to take care of him, for odd reasons, she gave him away. Jayson was eventually adopted because he was the cutest kid out there but the family that chose him didn't know what there in for. When taking Jayson in, the family immediately knew there was something weird about him. He would sometimes appear quickly in rooms when they just saw him in another. So they investigate him till Jayson's adoptive mothers son was murdered and Jayson was accused and was sent to juvenile. Jayson grew up in Juvenile and lived there till he was 15. Jayson never had a life after that till he had to take measures in his own hands. Jayson used his speed to get out and live out on his own. No one ever searched for Jayson cause no one really cared or even knew if he was alive. After that he made his own suit and figured out who his father was once he came through the portal to Earth 1 to Central City and met with his father. Hunter Zolomon took care of him for some time and taught him fighting techniques after all of that his father seemed like a perfect father but he was obsessed with power and he wanted to take his own son's speed. Jayson refused and hated him after that and at the end he watched his father die from the time wraths taking him away. Jayson had been running around town to train up and to become the fastest and prove that he isn't obsessed like his father he just wanted to be fast and didn't want speed.

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The Flash Movie Action amazing -But the end was too sudden...
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