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! Belle découverte !

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Last chance to vote for our song !
Today until 4pm ....

To reach the top 30 we need your support.
PLEASE vote now !

Global Rockstar  INTERNATIONAL voting....

Global Rockstar - The Top 64!
Who will be Global Rockstar 2013? Recall 2 will end on 21 October 2013 at 4 p.m. CET The top 30 of the charts will then advance to TOP 32 +

How to vote...

First you have to sign up to Global Rockstar as a fan. 
 How to vote: Sign in to GlobalRockstar, at the top of the page on the left is a tab called VOTE NOW. 
 You will then be given 2 random songs to vote for (this might not be our song LIEBESLEBENSMÜDE, but be patient, you may have to vote for a few other songs before we appear). Click on play for both songs (you must listen to about 10 secs of each) then you'll be allowed to vote. Below each video is a VOTE in a circle. If you hover your mouse over this, it will open a pop up style window. To vote, click LOVE IT. You will then be taken to another 2 songs, to repeat this process. Keep going until you get LIEBESLEBENSMÜDE and vote for us. The competition have designed it this way to make it fair to all contestants. Thanks once again for your kind support....

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Videoclip produced by Kwakom Filmz
The Orizooners
This musical concept was imagined and initiated by Zak Snaporaz in the spring of 2012, and became reality with the infinite complicity of Claude one-O-one . Zak participated to a number of bands, initially playing guitar and eventually settling to bass as his main instrument, doing also vocals and occasionally some other instruments : Nausea (79-80), Strani Cocktail (80-82), Nuits de Lupanar (2007) and a few other minor projects. Ignited and powered straight off nebula 451, Claude sings acapella in several intergalactic choirs, and plays bass, drums, guitar in various sidereal impro-leagues.

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Now it is up to you, only two voting days left ....
We have the chance to represent germany with a song in german language.
Please follow to Global Rockstar...
Sign up as a fan, then sign in and go to the ARENA...choose Europe/Germany ...and vote for LIEBESLEBENSMÜDE

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Check out illadelp Twoonefive New Video ( Father's Love )
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