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Men that poison by being in your perimeter the emit a poison that confuses Gentlemen and women. We puke, become nauseous. And can not sort out. The United States said they were other beings. They are a laboratory, made with to many men seed or main 1/4 to 1/2 Animal made in Laboratories in France Italy, Spain, and Russia. United States version we usually can be near for 1 1/2 hour then leave. Wash well and rest 8 hours to 48 hours. Worst 2 months to a year.

They are used in factory and manufacture because they can control them and make them work with words or hands. It is a hand slap that loud and they respond. Never marry one because the do not work out. Usually 6 foot 5 to 7'8 Their children smaller at 5'8 or less. Dormant children not accepted. (children made outside a marriage) The USA will deport them and put them back to the control farm.

THese other are lab rats black mixed or look like bi-racial. Discipline problem and homicide. None conducive to community. Farm rats for mating. Not except in public and rough, wrong, none human. Abortion type.

United States law says they are not to marry meaning Congress, President or Senate. That they must surrender their life and move on. they are not to be employed in a job concerning the Government or Upward. They are to cess when being manipulative and killed. Not to exist. They must Go. Same thing in Japan and China. Only Korea can put up with them. Do not hurt my Daddy.

Mentioned countries to control the over-flow of none citizens from arriving in your country sick and bothersome. They know do not arrive in your country and companies transporting them or hiding them in other countries will be punished.

Author & Writer Kim Lajon Pool Heil & John T. Pool (father) Former V.A. Hospital Employee & United States Sgt.

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Kim Heil Seoul Korea Intelligence Company & Kim Heil Worldwide Intelligence USA North Korea.

Kim Heil
1116 Carraway Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
United States

Vos check in your missing and I want to know where you are. Vos Interpol CIA top Dog In Washington.

USSR RUSSIA INTERPOL MISSING - Make it to USA Tallahassee, Florida

Vos KGB Specialist. Top Dog New York.

KGB Specialist Nevada California

Vos KGB Top Dog Brighten

Vos New York Denmark Missing.

Daddy KGB Brighten Vos Vienna Missing.

Daddy Vienna Germany Missing.

Vos Germany Missing.

Vos CIA Germany Denmark Missing.

CIA Vietnam And Cambodia Outfit recruit missing with many Special OP and Depoy missing in the house. known to be Kim Pool Heil Brothers.

Vos Singapore missing as well.

Thailand Vos Missing. And my Michael Burke missing top CIA Agents in Singapore and Korea.

Denmark Germany Vos Missing - Cooperate Head Quarters -Storage USB

Denmark Marks Missing Top Secret INTERPOL KGB head Quarters Daddy with France Daddy Top Geneva Missing as well.
China Viet Kong Seig-Ni-Ya missing.
missing south Vietnam cobrite agent to Vietnam gone stray.

Please, plus one so I know you are alive and well.

Vladimir Putin 1 Top Secret Kim Heil Missing in Warsaw known to be in Moscow Russia. Former Agent to KGB works for Kim Heil and Great Britain Mom Finances. What is my Man that US KGB Warsaw Secret with Russia. Find your way home to Tallahassee, Florida. YOur Boss Kim wants you home.

My Men missing too long.

Bowing, Trump and Dow missing.

Al Gore Missing south Vietnam. My Knowledge China last seen and Entering North Korea.

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Good Morning Gentlemen.
I want you to know I'm in the same situation.
I need a car and a home where I can work that is comfortable and not up North. I'd like to live in Arizona.

I work all day and it's not easy.
I try hard and I'm not sure if a lot of real United States Citizens understand what they are in for in other countries during numerous war.
Concentration camps and dismissal. Besides people and foreigner, they have never known (Deceased Cannibals & Rapist).

I will post this same message to a few of my communities so no Father misses it.

Thank you. Kim Lajon Pool Heil

Contact Me at
1116 Carraway Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
United States Of America.
Kim Heil North America.


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Kim Lajon Pool Heil
1116 Carraway Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
United States Of America
(Kim Heil North America)


Date July 28, 2029 Update

Dear Gentlemen,
I am Working on the following.

My men are working in Berlin Germany to keep the country safe. Hired by Berlin government to clean - remove. Yes I will be paid.

In Northern Germany 1 of my men is working to keep a bank safe from 68 robbers and a bomber

Switzerland last night an attack on the country with a bomb sent him into action rescue. Atomic

Denmark 78 attack with nuclear and fighting for their life to get out.

North Korea 68 Thousand fighting in North Korea

China 78,0000 fighting and defending country.

Seoul fighting and destroying down

Japan finding resources after a nuclear and chemical attack.

Vietnam One of my men down after Nuclear attack.

28 of my men fighting to get out of a building. French President on of them, with the Embassador. They both work for me as well.

Thank you to my Men, Kim Heil Intelligence Agency & Company and Kim Heil Soldiers.

Constant Projects. What Happened.

What happens to the Kremlin. VL

Figure out what Auntie does in Lab & what the men are up to.
For Queen Of England

Figure out all the anomalies around the world.
For Pope Frances II

What a Geno is for the Queen Of Switzerland.
Found out did my physics experiment on a Northern Island of North Korea Live side. With Hallows.

War Driven
Genetic DNA Weapon USed From Outside The Universe.
Show mankind what is mankind and what is unknown DNA. Diseases & Viral Profound and evident.

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Kim Heil Foundation©

Travel to safe destinations of the world during war-times, with funding.
Kim Heil Intelligence and Friends, please send the checks.

Hoping to help with places to stay with money and a car.

Kim Heil Foundation
1116 Carraway Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
United States

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From Kim Heil
April 27, 2017-2029

I need my men at Kim Heil Denmark Seoul Korea. Thank you.

" If you can find Kim wife you can find me. I'm Vladimir Putin." Thank You.

Note. There are many wars going on at once. But we are trapped in the Communist war where men fight for their life and destroy women. Ex- Party members kill each other and us. To say the are in power across Eastern and West Russia.



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My family has been left to post online the past few years. It's the only way to stay alive. If you see a weird post. Do not become upset.

say that is good.

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