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The True California History

The King's Highway - Dale Day - PRINT
ISBN# 978-1-927220-43-6
115,514 words.

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Timothy Beadle and Jaime the Cahita followed their beloved Father President Serra through the wastelands of Baja California. At his behest, they join Governor Portolá and Father Crespí north to explore the unknown lands of Upper California. Led by the stalwart Sergeant Ortega, the band encounters many obstacles but finally reach the place where Mission San Francisco de As is will someday stand. Over the next 15 years, they toil to help Father President Serra establish nine missions and watch as the governors establish three military garrisons designed to hold back possible intrusion by Russian fur traders. They settle in the Carmel Valley and raise families while still doing everything possible to reach Father President Serra's goal of bringing The Word of God to the Native Americans he and his brother friars look upon as their children. All too soon the frail and ever-suffering Father President Serra passes. Disciples, neophytes, and soldiers come from all over California to pass before their beloved friar's grave and all wonder if the dream will be carried on.

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I just found this site and wish to introduce myself. I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Southern California. However, I've grown disillusioned with the way things are going there and have lived in Nevada for the past 30+ years.

However, I love California history and have a blog dealing with the founding of the California missions @

Check it out.

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