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Hello everyone! Welcome to Text Xposed G+ community. If you have any queries, suggestions or complaints, please share 


Hi Dev. Been a long time. How have you been?

Sadly I bring a bug report. On Android O, the TextAide additions to the text selection menu aren't working most of the time. That is, when I select any text in any app, the floating toolbar (which typically shows Copy, Select All etc) doesn't contain the Text Aide additions (Define, Speak, Search etc) most of the time. They randomly appear when I select-unselect-select-unselect-select the words multiple time.

Is this something you can take a look at? Text Aide had been an indispensable part of my android usage.. I'd hate to see it bug out.

Hi..Textaide app has been really helpful for me. Is there a plan to have Google drive backup support for searched words? I came across another app called "lookup" today and it has that feature in the pro version. If textaide can have that feature free/paid,I won't have to purchase that app too

Hi, I use Text Aide for about a year and it's really awesome, one of the fist apps I always install on my devices.

Small suggestion; I really really miss the "undo" option on Android, which is available on iOS. On iOS you can always just shake the device to get a pop up which asks the user if he wants to undo the last action, (also several undos possible).

Can you add a undo functionality? For me it would be very ease and comfortable to use if you could just add another selection menu item (like define, search+, dial etc. )

If the user makes any mistake, delete something or wants to revert, he could just invoke the selection menu and select "undo".

Is this possible and do you consider to implement this? +Cold Soup

There's the app "Inputting+" which has the undo functionality, but I don't like the bubble or notification option and it would fit perfectly in Text Aide.

Hello. I use TextAide + DictAide since yesterday. And I could not find word suggestions in TextAide from DictAide. Do you have this feature in your to-do list? For example, when I'm writing something in search field of DictAide I'm getting many search results based on entered text. In TextAide I can see only one result. Can you make the search suggestions in TextAide too? Only from local dictionary, of course, from DictAide.

Hi all, I love the app but I'm pretty frustrated I can't get the search sidebar right there. When searching the floating browser opens the default search engine and that's all. I understand I should be seeing a sidebar with other engines at that point, shouldn't I?

Hi, really appreciate your work on the app.

Is there any character limit to text expand feature. Some of my larger shortcuts are not expanding. While shorter ones are working fine.

Thank you.

I am using Text Aide for Text Macro Expansion since long. Just wanted to say Thanks...... Wish you happy Independence Day celebrations!!!

I have a Nexus 6P (Stock Android 6.0.1 July, Xposed v85) and a Nexus 5 (Stock 6.0.1 July, Not xposed). I have enabled Google's auto-backup feature on both phones. (Android settings > Accounts > Google > AppData). I can see my Google Drive has a backup from TextAide (1.5 MB backed up on 7/4/16) by going to Drive app > settings > manage backup.

I'm guessing this backup doesn't get synced across devices though, right? The expand macro list on my two devices are different; 6P has the latest changes I had made a few days earlier while N5 doesn't have those changes since I haven't manually made those changes on that phone. Will it be possible to keep the macro list in sync between the two devices?
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