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Hi friends, for to say ( if the before post is lost) here an alternative to dropbox!linux have more capacity. Free account 50G storage.

Hallo everybody. Yesterday I installed ChaletOS. Looks really great!
I have a lot to say and ask but for now I need to know how to set an extended desktop on another display to be on left of my laptop... Even when I make a choice to set the extra display to be primary, even then, I cant make it work to see the bottom line in big screen and extended display on laptop screen! Thank you

Editing, adding Palemoon browser, a lightweight firefox simple and fast (weighs less in resources)usIng terminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install palemoon



I feel the need to say here that i have never used better and more stable linux distro than ChaletOS,i am still on the version based on 14.04 because of my graphics card but this distro didnt fale me since....


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I would like to congratulate the entire team at Chalet OS for the excellent work.
A well-defined and ready-to-use distribution with excellent programs. User from Brazil.
Thank you.

I need Help instaling or setting the Android_Home Path, for some reason ChaletOS don update me the path... You guys might help me?

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What is this? I get this red colour icon every 2 to 3 hours that says there are some updates, but when I check its says "The software on this computer is update". I have changed the servers to India as I live in India. Later changed back to the default thinking that this could be due to that. But there is no change in this problem. Its looks very odd. I was using Linux Mint, I never had this problem. This OS is superb. Though this is a small problem, its kind of irritating. Except this I have no problem at all. Hope somebody can help me on this. I tried logging in to the forum, but the site "" is not loading. Thanks in advance.

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