How to manage external monitor?
Even with external monitor set to the right of laptop as well as default, the laptop still has default setup.

Need some tweak tips here.

Have tried 5 times to install ChaletOS but to no avail - each time it gets to the Grub Installer and fails - I have tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to help - I've stripped the machine down to one single SSD but still not happening - it just doesn't want to install Grub for some reason - any pointers would be gratefully appreciated - I am new to linux but not afraid of the command line

Help needed! I cannot figure out how to share folder on ChaletOS with another computer.
I managed open shared Mac folders on PC running by Chalet but need both way connection. Cannot to get how to share folder on Linux.

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Thank you very much Dejan, ChalecOS installed in my favorite Dell Centrino Notebook of the 2006. Greetings from Santiago de Chile

Muchas gracias Dejan, ChaletOS instaldo en mi preferido Notebook Dell Centrino de del 2006. Saludos de Santiago de Chile

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Loving ChaltetOS 16.04, this is the second laptop I installed it on.
I started my Linux journey with LXDE electria 16.04. But the DE was not to my liking. So I wiped my drive and started looking for some thing better. Mint failed to install and I didn't like Zorin. So I installed ChaletOS.

I liked it from the start. The main resource hungry app is the ubuntu app center. Xfce is very good, I can see the RAM + CPU climb when I start up a windows VM.

The laptop is a HP 8530p with the 64 bit install.

a li ovde postoji neko ko bi mogao da mi pomogne oko podesavanja chaletos kojeg sam upravo instalitao

I still use ChaletOS 14.04 I like its icons and configuration, what if in a next version (LTS) it will be used again an appearance in color icons etc ... similar to ChaletOS 14.04 as an option? Nostalgia.

Hey 1000 member!! this is good !! and growing
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