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Music Visualizer ver. 1.5.0 (Beta2)

[New features]
- Added microphone input mode
- Added player controls on lock screen (required: ICS or later)

- Improve compatibility with some Qualcomm platform devices (e.g. Galaxy S4)
- Bug fixes

I've been using this app for over three years now and I still love it. however, it tends to place random songs from an album into a seperate album with the same name. The files are located in an organized library \Artist\Album\Track , are all encoded with the same codec and bitrate, and have all the required metadata matching the album. Has anyone encountered this issue and/or found a fix? cheers!

Help, it displays only the cover art of one song and uses this pic for all others......
I tryed both options for cover art, but both have the same issue

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IPL 2018
IPL 2018

Aww men, I can't edit the music visualiser live wallpaper configuration on my Samsung j7 ever since I updated my Android firmware to 7.0. It just let me sets to home screen or home screen/lock screen but I can't change anything. Can anyone help?

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BUG or DESIGN ISSUE report: Setting > General > Headset Controls
"Starts playing when headset is plugged in
/Stops playing when headset is plugged out"

This does not behave as I would expect it to, although it could be argued that it follows the description verbatim and therefore is performing as desired.

I really feel that this function should only resume playing if it was this function (rather than deliberate user action) that paused the player in the first place.

The reason, is that I only plug in my headset for the purposes of listening to music approximately 1/3 of the time, with the other 2/3 being to make a call or watch a youtube video... and even on the off chance I do want to listen to music, it is quite unlikely I will want to listen to whatever I happened to be listening to 1 or 2 days ago.

There is no way to override this automatic play function from activating, even if the user deliberately presses pause from inside the player prior to removing any headphones in the first place.

I forget whether or not this will actually interrupt your phone call if you plug a headset or blutooth device in while on a call, but most certainly when the call ends it will then begin playing, meaning that I have encountered the following situation:
- Plug in headset to make a call. Music plays automatically.
- I switch off the music and make my call.
- The call ends. Music plays automatically.
- I switch off the music ... I jump in the car.
- Blutooth connects to the car audio and Music begins automatically.
- I switch off the music.
It's like it keeps. trying. to shove. this song. at me. And maybe I never really liked the song in the first place, or whatever. Should I be required to swap to a song I don't mind so much, for future buggings?

I think this could be a sub-option if not the standard behaviour for the function.
Or at least split the setting into 2, with separate options for plugging in and unplugging, so that auto-stop could be enabled while auto-play disabled.


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