Can I get someone to talk to that doesn't hate transgender people?

Remeber this and the chat are open whenever you need it

K thanks bye

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Seriously guys please share this. Not for the members but for those who need it

Hey... um can someone please talk me out of what imma bout to do

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This is th link to our 24hr suicide prevention chat

Join the conversation on Hangouts:

Hi, I've actually done a bit of studying on psychology, nothing official yet just pursuing it on my own. I'm always willing to talk, so don't be shy. I don't bite.

Hey this is a place u set up for suicide help

Talk here in a pp or hangouts idc

Group chats to be held each week

One to one whenever


no pro suicide messages you will be banned

NO language (kys faggot gay lesbo dyke etc)

No repost/chain/spam posts

This is a nice place don't miss-treat it


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