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Name: Leon MiGaku
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Human Experiment
Side: Light
Personality: Shy , not very talkitive to people outside his group of friends, a bit of a pessimist 
Likes: Reading, hanging with friends, Sparring with friends, and Food
Dislikes: Arrogant people, dumb people , People who hurt his friends 
Bio: Unknown

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Name: Rose Reaper
Gender: Female
Age: looks 17
Species: Reaper
Side: Dark
Personality: Artistic
Like: Music, Art, and Guys
Dislike: Being alone
Bio: Parents and Family were murdered right in front of me when I was young
June 10, 2014
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Name: Marc "the one winged" Talleos
Age: 16
Species: Angel
Side: light
Bio: talk to me to find out
Likes: peace
Dislikes: pointless death and destruction
Gender: male
Weapon: long sword
Powers: flight and life giving for curtain life forms
Personality: unknown

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name:  Roxy Cook
age:  17
gender: female
species:  Sun Phoenix
Powers: requip weapons/cooking magic
Side: dark
appearance: small, brown hair with red streaks and a red feather, freckles, keeps her hair in a pony tail 
likes:  pot stickers, pocky, hot weather
dislikes:  scorpions, cold weather, being left behind
personality:  arrogant, loud, cute but won't hesitate to beat you up
bio: in ancient times the world was full of special element phoenixes,  (her parents were the moon and sky phoenixes) but as the rare species began to die out not to long ago people began to not care about the fact they were living beings so they put a price on each one of them. in the end there were three left, the very strongest, the moon, sky, and sun phoenixes, all a family, i was the sun phoenix, and at the time i was just born, but magic power inside me was more powerful than myself, when the two parents were finally found in the processes of taking them,  they were killed, now only one remained, the sun phoenix, when they tried to take me something unexpected happened. my power shout out and cassted a spell on it's own which saved me. years later i became a where that the people who killed the rest of my kind where still lurking around, trying to find me. to make sure i wouldn't be found i came here, were i was sure no one would turn me in.
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Name : Chase

Gender : Male

Age : 23

Species : werewolf (with a beast form that transforms me with walking on 2 legs, crimson red eyes, sharper teeth and claws)....(I can control when I turn into either of them but I can only turn to beast form if I'm in werewolf form....

Side : Dark

Personality : nice kind person.... I'm a pervert at sometimes ... Especially when I'm around cute girls ..... Sometime I have "fun"... With some of those girls cuz they want some ....

Likes : cute girls, fighting, swords,

Dislikes: seeing people argue over nothing ..

Bio:..... When I was a kid my parents protected me from a gun shot when I say me parent do that with there bodies on the floor ... I discovered my werewolf and beast form...(because this power I have is a family curse).....

In the pic I'm the one in the back (my beast form)...
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