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+ Follow these regulations for the community or you will be kicked out +

1+ Don't post anything that has nothing to do with this community, such as memes, random gifs, etc. They do not go with this community

2+ Don't spam, that will get annoying very quickly especially if someone has their notifications on, no one wants that

3+ If you disrespect me or any of the moderators you'll be ether kicked out or given a warning depending on how serious it is. you will respect us, don't show attitude and try to act like the boss cause your not

4+ No arguing among each other unless its apart of the roleplay I don't want anything brought up like that and begin rude towards each other causes problems. I will not allow it

5+ DO NOT, bully someone on here if I see it I will immediately report you and kick you off for begin that way. You have no power over that person or any reason to do it

6+ If you have any problems with someone contact me and I'll see what I can do to fix the problem for you, the best I could tell them is to stop or to kick them out

7+ Have fun and enjoy this community for how long it will be living and cherish the people that join it, everyone needs some love once in a while.

That's all, not that hard to follow so please try to stick with them. ´╗┐
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