Where can I find a pdf of:

DB1.1: The Haunted Highlands Chapter 4: Deities of the Karboskian Marches

also, was there ever a Haunted Highland Gazetteer produced in pdf/print? link?

Perfect timing. I just started working on a new series of novellas and what should the mail bring today? My copy of the Storyteller's Dictionary. Alright.

It was nice to get am update today. So any ETA on the final product yet?

And why this seem to be my personal comment list? Seems only to be Tim and me. Not sure I feel safe with that...


So how's the Storyteller's Dictionary coming along? Are we going to see the promised PDF sometime this month?

How's the Storyteller's Dictionary coming along.  Seems like it has been a while since we got an update on the progress.

So...how's that Storyteller's Dictionary coming along?  Been quite a while since we've seen an update.

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