Hi would any of you know MRC (Millnerton Riding Club)??

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Baybar Horsebox ! Our new range are available soon !
Baybar Horsebox 2014
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Hey please go and check out this New equine website www.liveloveridesa.com

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Awesome. I love horses!

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Blogging online is a new skill taught to me by Jamie McCrindle and I thought that this picture by Charisma Photography would set the scene.  At shows there is always a photographer. Often they catch you and your horse from awful angles. The horse's butt looks too small and yours looks too large.... if you are a rider you know what I mean. There you are trying to advertise a horse for sale and the photographer makes it look totally unbalanced. In contrast, Charisma managed to catch the spirit of the moment with charming photos. Ms Whizzen Jac ( aka MzWz) had just won the championship and her toothy smirk says it all....
You can read advice on the internet about how to photograph horses but it is not that easy. They are moving targets and their ears do not point forwards when you want them to.  Most amateurs get it wrong through no fault of their own as cell phones and cheap cameras have Fish-Eye lenses that distort everything except close-ups of kids and kitten,s faces. If possible, invite Charisma to your show!
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