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Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm finally retaking Missed It! development. Just now I'm porting the interface to Material Design and I expect this to take me several weeks until completed.

So, stay tuned for new betas to be released soon 😃

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It always says I have 9 more messages than I actually have.


how to get the right counter of whatsapp messages? i tried a lot of settings but still wrong counts. when i got 2 messages the counter increases to 3 or more. if someone send me a picture it counts as 2 messages. any hint?

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What functionality of Missed It! you use (or used) mainly? 
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Both of them

hola, quería saber si es posible tener el mismo manejo de notificaciones de gmail con inbox. Me gustaria setear 2 cuentas. Gracias. 

Tengo la versión 4.3 beta 2 en una tablet con ICS. Cuando intento añadir a compartidos las aplicaciones que quiero monitorizar, me permite seleccionar cualquiera de ellas, pero cuando acepto no se añaden a la lista de compartidas. Unicamente me permite monitorizar la cuenta de gmail.

Un saludo

hello..where can i download miss it beta on playstore...ty

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I cant add my gmail account. Access is denied, obviously because I can't set the permission: it always flips back to disabled. Anyone got the same prob, knows why or how to solve? Is it the selinux state 'enforced' of my rom (chroma/n4/6.0.1)??

When I delete a notification from the pull-down notifications bar it will also stop the badge number on the application icon. I'm using nova latest version, 
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