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The XPerience Project
Version 11.x.x - 12.x.x
NOTE: English or Spanish only I can't understand other languages and google translate don't translate fine, and im not gona install google translate app just because they do not want to follow the rules...

Q: XPerience support substratum?
A: Yes we support Substratum with OMS7
Yeah we are supported With substratum team

Q: XPerience install themes without reboot?
A: Yes we have the last version of masquerade inside.

Q: How often is a new nightly published?
A: Every 2 day's

Q: Why substratum not working fine?
A: maybe you not set correct permissions?

Q: Where is located the update downloaded by the app?
A: data/data/mx.xperience.updater/app_updates

Q: Changelog?
A: You can see it inside the rom in every new build change list are changed on it, you can find it inside Settings/about/Changelog
Or read all the questions =)

Q: Why do not you make a list of changes?
A: Well All builds are maded with jenkins,so that means they are automatic and therefore I have no desire to do a log.
If you want a log read the previous answer

Q: Where can I find the Changes?
A: Here....

Q: Why The updater won't work?
A: Well we are using basketbuild API and well Some times Basketbuild is down.

Q: I want to help you with a donation where can I find your paypal account?
A: Here...
Thnks for supporting this proyect...

Q: How can I bee a maintainer?
A: Well u need sone knowledge about development, then u need to mainain updated your kernel,devicetree, and blobs If u not maintain it,,, Like 1 month without changes I will drop your device cuz I can't maintain ($ build of outdated devices)
If u dont have any new change u can tell me and I won't drop the device :)

Dropped support from XPerience 13
* Xiaomi Redmi Note 5/Pro (whyred)
Well I never had it, and since I rebased XPerience 13 source over new caf branch (SDM845) ril is not working and I really hate do blind work .
If in some future it arrives to be donated or bought the support will return, for now there will be no more official support
Good day !.

Dropped support from XPerience 13
* Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4x (Mido)
* Xiaomi Redmi 3s/3x (Land)
I don't have these devices anymore....

+klozz jesus La rom nightly para el redmi note 5 (whyred) es realmente nightly? porque lleva unas semanas sin haber build hasta ayer.

Hello or Good evening,
I was using this ROM on my redmi 3S but I changed smartphone and Remdi S2 is not compatible.
Can you add the redmi S2 in supported devices ?

Thank you.

Just try latest nightly build on whyred
Found some minor bug :
Xperience setting not fully working (alessa fc, miscellaneous blank)
Retro music not work
Wifi and hotspot cant turn on same time (I don't know if this bug or not but another work)
Some app and game has glitch

Btw are you build this rom alone ? That GG bro, so many device get this rom

So far so good, I like this rom (will be my daily use) 😍

Hola buenas tardes, disculpen descargue una ROM Nougat Resurrection Remix para mi Moto X (Ghost) pero tiene muchos bug's, alguien sabe de alguna que ande bien? Se que es un terminal pasado pero espero alguien mas tenga uno por ahí que pueda ayudarme!!

Is there any build for Moto Z2 Play (Albus) ?
Please make one .

XPerience 9.0 pro G5 Cedric tem ?

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The Xperience 13 Pie Nightly Mido Update (29/10/2018) Video Preview
Thanks to klozz jesus and the Xperience Team! 🙇‍♂️
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