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(From the game Dark Dreams Don't Die)

Name:David Young

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Partner: None

Talent: Great deduction skill, can investigate the past... Literally

Likes: tequila shots,the memory of his wife Peggy

Dislikes: Murder, bubblegum,a**holes

Reason for being a detective: His wife Peggy was murdered in his own home and he was shot in the head gaining the ability to travel back in time to see how things went down.

Solved Cases: When he worked for the Boston PD he stopped a large drug operation.

Bio: David Young had been a detective for the Boston police department before his wife's murder after that and gaining his abilities he's only tried to solve one case and that was the case of his wife who was shot in killed in his home her final words to him before she passed was "Find...D" now he searches for this man and has so far hit many dead ends with the case but he thinks he's close to a break through...he just needs to find an item that can bring him to a certain place and time..

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Name: Sao Hiryu

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Partner: None

Talent: Great deduction skill, Amazing analyzing skills. Good at puzzles. Is a proud Geek.

Likes: Order, Peace, Some Chaos, His friends and family and being able to help someone.

Dislikes: Murder, Idiots, Failing a case

Reason for being a detective: In school he was an amazing detective. In first grade he was able to find who was stealing his items through subtle inspections. Once he realised his talent, he became a detective to help people.

Solved Cases: Stopped a serial killer.
(That was his first official case)

Bio: Kazuto was born to Sao and Natsumi Hiryu. After high school. They vanished. Forced to live on his own, Kazuto remembered the promise he made to his father, that once he finished highschool, he would be a detective. A year later he is accommomadating College as well as being a full time detective.
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My Name is Tsunayoshi Also known as "Creep Walker" A Master of Mysterious and Unexplained Detective I'm 14 and I have a wife and kids and I have no Partner

Where do I sign up to be a Detective?

Hey uhh I'm new here and well where do I sign up

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Name Kumiko Willow Michiyo, A insult to her would be to call her Kumi a nice nickname to call her is Willow please know that in your future life

Age She is 15, A rather rare age to her for some reason

Gender She is a female, but when she was more littler her hair looked like a male

Partner She prefers to work alone, it would be no use to work with others anyway for reasons...

Talent Reflexes, She can tell when someone is about to charge as her as her nervous system is highly generated, she is also good at seeing things far away due to the fact that she's deaf

Weakness She is completely deaf in both ears but trained herself to know when something or someone is coming behind her, but in some rare cases it may also be a advantage

Likes Grassy Hills, Willow Trees, Walls, Weapons, Revenge

Dislikes Liars, Thieves, Idiotic People, Stereotypes, Humanity In General

Reason of being a detective Well...I can't really explain it you see..It's sort of in my bio...

Cases solved None, But I did solve the case of my parents deaths

Weapons Anything..I guess...Through some are better then the rest

Bio When Kumiko was little...She thought everybody else was deaf, She grew up in her own little world not even she could hear her own voice she grew distant from others, she finally learned that others could hear her which relieved her a bit she also studied facial expressions because she gave up on learning sign language as she thought it was ''too idiotic and a waste of use with your hands'' shortly after her 7th birthday a small group of terrorists invaded her home killing her family when they threatened her to tell them where they hid there valuables which she couldn't hear her leaving her confused at why such strange men were trying to talk to her, she tried to explain but they simply ignored her, after that she found out who they were and murdered them all in revenge when people shunned her out for that she decided to live on her own, to this day she still doesn't understand the way human beings work there lives

((Okay the left picture is her as a child, The right picture is her in the present time))
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A man was found murdred on 15/8/2007 wednesday afternon at 12:35 pm in his house......
His wife called police.. Police questioned everyone..
Wife: I was sleeping..
Neighbours: We went for the marriage..
Driver: I went to Bank..
Cooker: I went to Market..
Watch Man: I went to My relations Marriage..
Police arrested murderer immediately..
Who was it ?

This Case is for 200 Jewel

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Name: Gideon Rembrandt

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Partner: None

Talent: Plays the Violin. Amazing powers of Deduction and Analytic Reasoning

Likes: Cases. Cases. Cases!!

Dislikes: Morons, Sentiment/Feelings, Losing

Reason for being a detective: Suffered from childhood trauma, hyper-intelligence best suited for criminology and chemistry as well as borderline random trivia that seems to be applicable to all situations

Solved Cases:
A Scandal in Belgravia
The Poison Giant
The Mayfly Man

Bio: Growing up in Buckinghamshire, England, Gideon was surrounded by intelligence, looking up to his two older brothers, Eames and Haberford. However, due to his childhood trauma of his dog, Sparrow was caught in a vehicle accident, he painfully repressed all emotions, developing into a borderline sociopath suffering from antisocial personality disorder, much like his role model Sherlock Holmes. Eventually this led him to earning degrees in Criminology, Psychology as well as Chemistry and Forensics. He is now a Consulting Detective for Scotland Yard and over time developed quite an international reputation.
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