Name: Badgerclaw
Features: 2 white stripes going from his nose tip he start of his tail
Rank: Warrior (But wants to become the deputy)
Clan: LightningClan
Age: 2 years
Fur color: Black except for the stripes
Bio: When he was a month-old kit he was dropped off in the clan's nursery in a empty nest and the only thing he remembers is a pelt like fire.
(I need a foster mother for Badgerclaw anyone willing to volunteer?)

Name: Wolf
Age: 12 moons
Clan: Kittypet
Pelt: Light blue

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Needs parents you can ask and I will say yes to be her parents
Best friend:Sweety
Lives:in a barn

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Name: Lionclaw
Rank: Warrior
Clan: Rouge
Gender: She-cat
Age:30 moons
Mate: Doveclaw
Kits: Gingerclaw, Jaysong

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18 moons
No mate
No kits
He is funny kind and determined. Can seem shy.
Normal bio.

So far +RadiumNight Cat and +Painted Lily have made their profile. The following need theirs:
+Falconsnow Zoe
+Skyler Jackson
+Cailee The Hobo
+Chesa d' Alésia
+Echofall!!! •u•
+Evelyn Rogers
+Fionna TheHuman
+Kitty Kat
+Meow Claws
+Sade Davis wont let me tag for some reason
And that person that posts the videos of cats i cant tag. You all need a profile. It can even be a rogue.

You can have more than one profile on this community. Also invite peeps! We need more kittehs!
Also, #mods, you can let everyone join unless they cause trouble in other wc communities, then please ignore. People do not need hate. Also, some more rules: (some might be the same)
* Respect other people's opinions. But do not put up with hate, report them!

* ¡Please no spamming ! This means stuff not related to warriors. Getting off topic and spam are two different things by the way.

* NOTHING SEXUAL PLEASE. This means no naked people, no lemons (dirty fanfics), no pictures of cats mating, etc. If you make your cat a Neko, make sure it follows the 'dress code' for pictures.

* 'Dress code' = Cleavage is tolerated, but please not too much. Half of the thigh or more should be covered. Also no positions where flaunting of 'boobs' or 'butt' are shown up close.

* No embarrassing or bullying people.

* Please no advertising. Try to just share with people you want to join.

Guys our community is sooooooooooo dead.. halp

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Here are the basic rules. Sorry if you cant read them. Also to the Moderators: let anyone join. Unless they are mean bullies.
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