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Name: Rachel ( friends call me Ray )
Pokemon: Vulpix (bigger than most Vulpix's )
Moves: fire blast, overheat, Attract, and Nature bold
Bio: I'm a big vulpix with awesome friends! I love cheese, fun, party's, and Playing around! ( role playing )
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the king and his siblings profile! X3

Name hydro
Pokemon vaporeon
Age 21
Level 89
Likes his sister and brother swimming his kingdom making friends
Dislikes mean pokemon /people
Gender Male
Moves quick attack hydro pump surf Aurora beam
Personality nice friendly brave helpful
Crush Mitzi +Jessie Jillson​​​
Bio (I'll do it later)

Name cake
Pokemon flareon
Age 19
Level 77
Likes her brothers making friends playing battles
Dislikes a lot of water
Gender female
Moved flamethrower quick attack fire blast bite
Personality nice friendly happy
Crush none yet
Bio later

Name Alex pokemon eevee
Age 12
Level 28
Likes his brother and sister playing adventure his friends
Dislikes being scared
Moves shadow ball swift bite quick attack
Gender male
Crush none yet
Personality playful nice friendly

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related to the other thing i posted
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Name- Twilight Zorua (Prefers being called Twilight)
Species- Zorua (Shiny!)
Age- 13
Gender- Female
Moves- Night Daze, Incinerate, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot
Personality- Quirky, fun, Mischievous, awkward sometimes, random
Likes- Listening to music, hanging out with friends, Pranking others with Illusions, watching YouTube and playing games
Dislikes- Being called short or small, being called a guy Its a pet peeve of mine. It gets annoying after a while
Bio- Twilight is a Shiny Zorua who likes to explore and have fun I'm lazy, might fill out the bio more later on. But like I said, maybe

???: Too bad Pirate didn't want to come, maybe if I stay here long enough, he might come here as well sooner or later
Name: Slash
Pokemon: Kabutops
Gender: Male
Move Set: Swords Dance, Waterfall, Aqua Jet, Stone Edge
Bio: he slices this part out because he is done with writing his bio over and over

Thanks for the invite +jolly totodile 2004​!

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Name: Angel Wing

Gender: Female

Age: 17 0r 17,000

Pokemon: Guardian Glaceon Angel

Moves: Blizzard/Ice fang/Attract/ Protect

Nature: cool/Attractive/calm/nice/kind

Likes: Everything good

Dislikes: everything bad

Crush: None (in this community she has no crush)

Bio: I am a fun loving glaceon but on day i was shipped to earth from who nows where and i was sent to protect something but what and that is the question i ask my self that question everyday

(did i miss anything)
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Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Species: Shiny Suicune
Age: 30
Item: Mystic Water
Likes: Her trainer, peace, wind
Dislikes: Battles, injustice, losing
Bio will be added later, I have to go :/

I guess this will be an rp and an introduction at the same time...
<<A forest somewhere>>
???: Burn to ASHES! Everything!
Slash: Is Running towards the fires No, He can't be burning a forest...He will never do that...unless.... Reaches the destination and sees him No....he tried Mega Evolution again!

Name: Pirate
Gender: Male
Species: Flareon
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Flare Blitz, Dig, Secret Power, Bite
Level: 90
Nature: Lonely
Bio: random words Mentally unstable in Mega Form rest is burnt off

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Name: Blade
Level: 100
Age: unknown
Bio: he was captured by team rocket and was forcibly fused with a bisharp
Moves: Moonlight Blade Dark Shuriken iron head and Night slash
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