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Deep crystal blue eyes looked out the window to the newly rising sun. My alarm hadn't gone off, but that was the case every morning for me. I never got much sleep as my dreams almost always haunt my day to day life. Haunted by living with my mother and the man whom I call "step-monster". What else could I call the man who yells at me and abuses me daily? Certainly not 'dad' or 'daddy'.

Slowly I shake my head and pull my eyes from the yard I was looking over. Pulling my gaze away from all the flowers, the bushes, the lush green lawn, and the dolphin fountain that stood in the middle of it all. I do enjoy the house and everything I have, but just once I wished I could have a normal family life. Just once I wish I didn't have to become the biggest 'bitch' to call out for attention and love. Maybe one day I will find the one to free me.
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No Strings Attached

Puppets. Inanimate figures humans design and craft to bring life to a story in order to entertain others through the beautifully lifelike and well orchestrated dance their creators make them do with a simple pull of the strings. They come in all shapes in forms from a simple paper doll a child made to and expertly crafted lifelike doll made of wood and paint that someone had spent days making, all just so they could see the smile on the audiences faces when their creations tell a story.

They can do anything from simply retelling an ancient and beloved fairy tale to performing a new and exciting never before seen adventure all while taking the audience along for the ride through the magic of storytelling. However though these adorable dolls may seem to come alive they can only do so with the help of their puppet masters. And once there is no one to pull the strings the once magical and alive puppet returns to its still doll like form until it once again is needed to tell a story.

One may question though, while we see simple dolls telling a story, what do these carefully crafted storytelling puppets see? Do they see the stories they tell as their real lives? Do they constantly wait eagerly for the day they can once again put smiles on people's faces? Do they love their creators as a child would a parent? Do they ever tire of the same story? Do they resent the puppet masters who force them to move against their will? These are questions no one can truly know because a puppet is neither able to talk or move without someone pulling the strings.

Or is it?

What happens when a puppet's strings are cut and the doll is able to pull their own strings?

Present day in front of the old family puppet shop.

It had been years since you had come to this place but even so you remembered how magical it had seemed when you were small. How the puppets seemed to come to life whenever your grandfather would make them move or dance with ease. Now he was gone and had left all his work and passion to you. You had loved making puppets with your grandfather and were pretty skilled at making them move and stuff. Nowhere near as good as your grandfather mind you but you were still pretty good thanks to both what you learned from your grandfather and what you learned on your own.

You entered the cozy little shop that was filled with beautifully crafted puppets from classic wooden figures to delicate and lifelike porcelain puppets that most used as just decorations while carrying one of the large boxes you had in your car. The small corner shop had an upstairs apartment, thus why you were moving your stuff in. You mostly just had a few personal items and clothes with you. The movers would bring in the rest of your stuff and bring it up to your new home.

You still couldn’t believe that your grandfather was gone. It seemed like just yesterday you were a little kid laughing while your grandfather put on a small play with the puppets for you. You walked past the puppets admiring all of them since they were all that was left of your grandfather’s work. You went towards the stairs but stopped as you looked down the hallway at the one door you had never entered in the entire building. Your grandfather’s workshop. Your grandfather had never let you in there having shown you how to make puppets right there in the shop. Your grandfather had said that there were to many dangerous tools in there for a little kid but even as you got older he found one excuse or another to deny your enter into the room. And now you had the key to that very room right in your pocket.

You thought about it for a moment but shook your head deciding to check it out once you were all unpacked. Thus your day was spent unpacking your things in your new home until all the boxes in your car were unloaded and unpacked. Now all that was left for you to do was wait until the movers came with the rest of your things and all that would leave for you is unpacking since the movers would bring everything into the rooms you had marked them with. Which thankfully happened fairly quickly because as the started to come to an end the key in your pocket started to feel heavier and heavier. Once the movers were done and all your stuff was in your new home your curiosity had officially eaten away at any and all resolve you had about not going in before.

You now stood in front of the door clutching the key in your hand and stood there for a moment before you put the key into the keyhole slowly unlocking it and opening the door to find a small cozy room with tools and unfinished dolls and materials lined up on the wall placed neatly on shelves while the desk held only a few parts and half finished puppet that even though was unfinished had beautiful craftsmanship in what was left of the wooden body. Unfortunately it wasn't completely well put together because the second you picked it up to admire the doll one of the eyes slipped out landing on the floor with a “Clack!” with each small bounce it made on the wooden floor before rolled along the floor hitting a shelf full of fabrics and thread when it finally stopped.

You let out a small sign as you set the puppet down and went over before bending down to pick up the eye when you noticed something odd. The floor around the bookshelf was covered with faint scuff marks as if someone had moved it back and forth from this particular spot for some reason. Which made you curious on why they would need to constantly put it back to this exact spot? Unless they were hiding something behind it.

You pushed the shelf out of the way before you went to closer examine the wall and saw there was a small section that had a thin gap between the wall and the floor like the gap under a door which you found very curious. What was even more curious is how there seemed to be a faint light seeping through the gap meaning that whatever was behind the wall must have had a window that let light in through or something. Seeing the crease in the wallpaper where the door was you noticed a keyhole shaped crease. You then remembered the strange key your grandfather had given you on his deathbed but never told you what it was for. It was to big to be for any door in the house and there were no cheats or anything so judging by the size of the keyhole it left only one logical conclusion.

This key…..went to this door. This hidden door.

Unable to control your curiosity you pushed the key into the keyhole which easily tore through the wallpaper and into the mechanism making it unlock with a “Click” when you turned the key. You then slowly opened the door making a rusty “creek” from the hinges ring through the room as you peered into the small dimly lit room that only had a single small round window that let in just enough light to show the only thing that was in that room. A large rectangular wooden box that was almost like a coffin only wider and a little more square almost like an oversized suitcase. You went over to take a look at it and bent down trying to open the lid only to wince drawing your hand back as you saw the sharp large splinter now sticking in your finger. You manage to easily pull it out but it caused a bead of crimson to form on your finger soon dripping onto the floor before you could wipe up the small wound.

However the second that single drop of blood hit the floor a large magic circle glowed deep crimson and seemed to pull you and the box in making you fall through the floor. You couldn't help screaming while you fell and fell and fell squeezing your eyes shut while you waited for impact.

But it never came.

Instead you felt something soft and silky beneath you making you open your eyes looking underneath you to see you were in an odd pile of fabric and fake plastic accessories that were usually used for the puppets your grandfather used to make. You slowly sat up and looked around confused then saw the open box with nothing inside and broken into splinters. Not far from the now broken and empty box laid a large human sized puppet.

Save for the ball joints that connected her limbs one would have thought it was a real person with its smooth fair porcelain skin that seemed to have a soft and warm glow to it. Its forever open eyes looked like two gorgeous amethyst colored orbs peaking in the fresh winter snow and yet they seemed to have a sorrowful and lonely gaze to them as they peered at him from where the doll lay. Its hair was a soft strawberry blonde that seemed to cascade around her head like a halo as the silk brown ribbon added to the puppet's sweet look. The puppet was dressed in a beautiful red gown with short sleeves, black lace around the end of the sleeves and trim, beautifully realistic fabric roses and a silk ribbon that tied around her neck. You reached out to examine the puppet but in doing so a second drop of blood fell from your finger landing on the puppet's soft pink lips which caused the porcelain puppet's eyes to blink softly as if it was actually beginning to wake up as it shifted causing you to then-


¤Male only¤

¤One liners, one word replies, text talk, and emojis are not allowed¤

¤Must be descriptive enough to fill at least 3 or + lines in replies¤

¤State Roleplay name and give small description of character either before you begin or when you begin the Roleplay¤

☆You can use any kind of writing you wish, 1st person, 2nd, 3rd, exc☆.

¤Description requirements of character include¤:
☆Skin Color☆
☆Eye Color☆
☆Hair color☆

¤Do not abandon the rp¤.

¤To receive a Private post or Repost to please ask and say the password in the comments¤.

¤Password is "strings."¤

¤Ask and state password in the comments before beginning¤
☆Example: (May I "strings"?)☆

♡I am a Female♡

Please enjoy the rp ♡

hello everyone :)

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Got my character pic, a map, and some key items. Whos down to make an rp?
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As I stood there scared to death that maybe someone was still following me. I climbed a tree as fast as I possibly could. I sat there in the tree for some time. As time passed I felt my body slowly slipping into the dark abbious of my mind. But sadly to my knowledge I didnt that i was terribly ingured. My blood dripped more and more. The more that I blead I fell deeper and deapper into the darkness now unconscious. With a not and a picture in one hand and my other on my side near my hip

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Quotes: "i look to the moon for guidance and wisdom"

Name: Nymeria ( dosent have last name untill adoptedl

Nickname/Title: nym,wolf girl, the child of Thy moon

Age: 6 years old (( can be changed through time skip or apon request))

Gender: female

Race/Species: mother was a wolf and elf hybrid and father was viking so she is a wolf elf hybrid mixed with Viking

Appearance: she have vary long vibrent red curly hair that's looks like it's on fire in the sun. She was porcelain skin tone her eyes was the most surprising thing they where a wolves golden hue at all times vary striking but beautiful at the same time. She didn't know how tall she was. Her build was skinny almost skin an bones do to her being alone in the woods. She had may scars most from hunters trying to get her and her wolf family but she protected them her back was covered in scars from the hunters and from play fighting with her wolf siblings.

Alliances: none

Alignment: good neutral

Weapon(s): ((once she's older)) twin blades daggers. And her favorite weapon her bow and arrow

Abilities: thanks to her wolf DNA she can shift into wolf form at witll or use wolf abilities without shifting. Her elf DNA she can do small amount of healing her powers will grow once taought how to use them

Skills: vary good at blending in with her surroundings.hunting small pray in wolf form only. Skill will grow over time as she only 6

Strengths: never giving up on somethings, never backing down from a fight, alws us getting back up

Weaknesses: age, fears others she thinks there going to kill her as she was raised by wolves, fear of thunder and lightning, e lives babe will kill her

Personality: around people she's shy,fearfull,worried,closed off

By herself she care free, curious ,goofy, giggly and clumbsy

Family: only the wolves she didn't know her real parents ( looking for Viking Hunter for parents or parent)

Bio: nymeria dosent have that memory of her birth parents she only knows the wolves of a forest in the north near a village at the bottom of the Tree Of Life. But she never gose there as hunters come an attack her family for food and there furr. One day she had enough of them hurting her family she waited untill the next time they come she pounced she but up a hell of a fight the hunters where shocked at this funding a child alone in the wood and nude they wraped her in a cloak and took her back to the village still fighting on the way there she looked around in an unfamiliar place and this is where her journey begins

Extra: sing her song , tell her story's will start to get her to trust and letting her see her wolves
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((Female needed please be as descriptive as possible this is a school/adventure/action/romance rp please describe your character and weapon and semblance))

Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named &Dust&. Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called &free world&, but take heed... there will be no victory in strength.

you are new students at a special Academy named Beacon Academy us an Academy located in the kingdom of Vale for training teams of Huntsmen and Huntresses to slay the various monsters that plague our world. The academy is ran by its Headmaster, Ozpin, although to get to beacon you had to have passed a test and have a semblance and weapon.

A semblance is the manifestation of one's innate and personal power as an ability unique to each individual, with the effects varying greatly from user to user. The nature of one's Semblance is noted as representing an aspect of their character. However, a person's Semblance can be similar to the Semblances of their parents or other family members.

I am a returning student to beacon academy my name is Qrow Branwen I appear as a tall man with graying black, spiky hair, dull red eyes, and slight stubble along my jawline. With a red, tattered cloak, I wear a gray dress shirt with a long tail, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. I also wear a ring on my right index finger, two other rings on my right ring finger, and a necklace with a crooked cross-shaped pendant. My bangs are down most of the time, but I sometimes pushes my hair back when fighting. On the back of my belt us my weapon known as Harbinger which appears as a longsword, which contains gears near the crossguard area. And like most Huntsman weapons, my blade also contains a gun component but it's true form is actually a scythe of my own design.

while I walked down the long courtyard heading towards the academy's main entrance you had just gotten of the air ship on the dock that Light up to the courtyard you then...?
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