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Android Wear support has been in the production app for some time now, but if you want the latest version of the app which will be less stable and more likely to have bugs you can still become a beta tester.

Don't forget to rate the app(if you like it) to help me get it more visibility in the play store.

Join the community and click the Google play link at the bottom to become a Ghostracer Beta tester.

Here: is a quick overview of the watch app´╗┐

Hi guys and the developer of this awesome app,

I'm thinking on buying the Polar M600 and use it with Ghostracer, but battery life is discouraging me from buying it. I usually do trainings that last around 5 hours so my question is, which is the %/h of battery comsuption using only ghostracer with the Polar M600 while screen is on?

I have read that battery draining is 20%/h with Ghostracer recording in screen on mode while listening to music.

I will use Ghostracer for navigation guidance during hiking or MTB.


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Hi guys, hi +Craig Jarratt. Using GR for a while now and still enjoying it, thanks for the continuing work and support! I've found the new sensors page in the Wear 2.0 app: after sliding to the settings, you have to slide again to get to the sensors screen. But after a while I got a new screen there, which had a adjustable number on the screen (see photo). And now I'm curious: What is this meant for?

I tried to reproduce it: if you're on the sensors screen in the Wear app, try to slide from top to bottom - sometimes this strange screen appears. Has anyone seen this also? Have you an idea what this setting is for?

Hi, I downloaded the app for the purpose of live segments but there is a problem I am only getting my times of the strava segments and not of the other people's times. Please help.

Lucky Ali

Hi. Does Ghostracer on Wear OS has audio/vibration/sound feedback while running (e.g. every 1km, 30 min, etc)?

On the latest update, scrolling is inverted on the settings page for me. I'm on a Huawei Watch 2 classic. Is anyone else seeing this?

Hi - I'm new to Ghostracer, and still trying to get a feel for it. I've previously used Mapmyrun, but since buying a Ticwatch E, I've been having integration problems. Ghostracer seems to do everything I want and, most importantly, it plays nicely with watch and phone. However, I use regular audio prompting for pace/time/distance - does Ghostracer not offer this function? I have set up audio and it is working correctly, but it doesn't tell me any metrics apart from distance. If you could include pace/time/splits then the app would be perfect.

Hi, I've been using Ghostracer for a while - the best app there is on wear. I am using it for stats and for navigation on Huawei watch 2.
May I suggest a feature please. I do long rides lasting above 5 hours. In ambient screen mode the battery doesn't last longer than that, so 'screen off' mode is the only way to go. The problem is that the time delay before wake up and refresh to screen goes off again is too short.
Would it be possible to add a configurable time delay before screen is going off please? This would be useful for ambient screen mode as well.
Another useful feature could be ability to turn off the screen manually via double tap or hardware button, both of which already exist - it just a function to turn off the screen to be added. This way we could have screen always-on (or ambient or even screen off) and then we can manually turn it off to save power.

Thank you for your hard work!

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I have the same issue but found the following workaround:

1. Turn on flight mode
2. got to the watchface configuration
3. Turn off flight mode
Weird behavior ... Suddenly my standard "The Mission" watchface won't show any colors or complications. When the screen is 'awake', it looks all black like the photo below, even though the face is still configured to show blue numbers and 3 numeric complications. Changing colors in the settings has no effect. Rebooting the watch doesn't fix it either. Anyone else seen this?

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I have the same problem. Most of the times I do not get a GPS fix at all. Any solution? It s effecting all GPS apps like Strava, gostracer, runkeeper and the mission surf and snow app as well in stand alone mode without phone.
I have a bit issues with GPS. It seems the signal is not super strong most of the time and apps like runkeeper, runtastic seem to report poor GPS signal when being out with my watch only. I have simultaniously BT headphones connected. My test was in the middle of an open area field without any houses or buildings around. After a while it seemed to pick up the signal but i wonder if there's anything to be done to calibrate or make it work better...
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