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Android Wear support has been in the production app for some time now, but if you want the latest version of the app which will be less stable and more likely to have bugs you can still become a beta tester.

Don't forget to rate the app(if you like it) to help me get it more visibility in the play store.

Join the community and click the Google play link at the bottom to become a Ghostracer Beta tester.

Here: is a quick overview of the watch app

Having an issue where the app is not showing up on the phone. I read the old instructions about needing the beta version but I am not sure if they apply anymore? I "joined" the beta test but never got any update for my app and it is not showing up in the beta of the google play. The version on my phone is .9.6.4
I have tried "re-syncing" all apps in the android wear menu as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the ghostracer app on my phone multiple times. Anyone have any other suggestions?
For what its worth i previously had this working with an older phone of mine but re-wiped/re-set up my watch when i upgraded my phone.


Hi everyone, in a new function or I don't know if it's possible at this time, do you know if it's possible to '' switch '' directly the category of sport when we '' work ''? (sorry for my bad English). For example, in a duathlon (run, bike, run), it will be cool if we can switch the running mod to the biking mod directly (by double tapping on the watch for example) without having to : start the first run, stop at the and of the run, start the new mod for cycling, stop the cycling, start the 2nd running and stop it at the end if the competition... I don't know if it could be possible, I think I ask for sure a lot for a small application like this, it's just an idea.

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad English language.
Thanks you again for this app who is very awesome 👍. 

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Can you help...recently I am finding that the app on the phone crashes once I get home, it's fine right until I get to my driveway... The last few rides now it worked fine for 60 miles then crash and it doesn't save, so lost rides... Not sure why this happens? I also find a some times it crashes when I first leave my house... I wonder if it has anything to do with my strava privacy settings, but can't think any other reason it happens....

I have an LG Urbane with in-built HRM. I can get speed and distance when in paired mode and heart rate when in standalone. I cannot seem to get both together. Is it possible?

ProTip: If your Android Wear watch has customizable buttons and you assign one to Ghostracer, you can bypass a few steps is usually takes to get back into the app if you exited the app during an active session.

Typically you would need to:
- Swipe down to "Ghostracer: Recording - touch to open" notification
- Tap notification
- Tap "open" on next page that appears

If you assign one of the buttons to be an app shortcut for GR. A single press on the button will bring you from the watch face into Ghostracer.

I've noticed quite a difference in the times for segments I get on Ghost racer and those on my Garmin Fenix 3HR. I always have my ghost racer on my phone / handle bars but record my rides to Strava via my Fenix 3HR. I've noticed that some segments my ghost racer tells me I'm ahead but when my ride gets uploaded I am a few seconds off. I tested by uploaded my ghost racer to strava and that gave me in some cases 3-6 seconds better times

Crazy Idea: Ghostracer Watch Face

When exercising, I have cellular enabled on my watch for notifications. The problem is that if I get a notification, I have to exit GR to view the notification (Wear 2.0 will only show a little avatar or letter while in GR) and then there are a few more taps to get back in. If the watch face itself displayed GR stats, I could start up GR and then switch to the watch face during a workout and it would be much easier to interact with notifications, but also see my stats. I haven't entirely through this through, but throwing it out there!

As always, thanks for all your work on this app...I use it almost everyday and it works great!

Post has attachment update is out.

The main part of the update is around supporting other sensors on android wear. Including inbuilt sensors as well as btle cycling sensors. Now sensors are turn on and off on the watch by scrolling to the settings screen and swipeing left to get to the sensors screen. The sensors screen show the compatible inbuilt sensors and btle sensors added on the phones sensors page in Ghostracer.

So now the step cadence and heartrate settings are removed from the android wear settings, so need to be enabled on the watch.

So now with the moto 360 sport you should see the inbuilt pressure sensor and inbuilt heartrate sensor on the sensors list. Unfortunately the pressure sensor seem to fail all the time so its a waste of time. And the heartrate sensor is maybe up for interpretation. I went cycling for a couple of hours yesterday and recorded with a chest strap, with the sw3 and the moto360, with the inbuilt sensor. The graph below shows the different bmp values. A few times they seemed to correspond, other times they where way out.

I also added some code to get calories from heart rate when available. I'm a bit on the fence as to weather its getting more accurate results. No doubt its better when mountain biking but for running and road cycling I'm not so sure.

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The major problem of the Sony SW3 is the GPS accuracy...
For the last few days i have been running with both the SW3 and my Garmin 310xt on the same arm. Some time the diference in a 10k run is up to 500m!! While running the accuracy of the Garmin is always between 5 and 10 meters, the SW3 is always between 12 and 32 meter of error....
At the end the trace of the track on the map is very bad with waipoints all around the roads on the SW3, while the Garmin trace is very accurate.
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