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Today I began a new succulent Propagation method which I heard on YouTube last night.
Propagation of leaves in water per the method is said to supercharge the leaf into quickly presenting roots and which I find amazing, an actual set of new leaves or what appears to be a mini succulent at the tip of leaf. That was evident just at 2 weeks.
The presenter placed leaves between toothpicks which were taped together to hold leaves which are suspended in water.
I have no toothpicks but I did have straws and mini-thin popsicle sticks. I thought that wooden/bamboo skewers or an old toy called I believe Pick up Sticks would be more efficient holding more than 2-3 leaves. The water is in recycled plastic containers. I'm fortunate, I'm single thus I eat a lot of TV Frozen Meals. I also hoard for future use as inspired, a lot of recyclables.
So I collected leaves, this method does not work with calloused leaf ends. So with fresh leaves of all sizes and species I with good old duct tape put together leaves which I suspended the tips in water.
Now I leave you with photos of my "nursery" that include my experiment. I will update here in this community regular photo accounts of this water Propagation verses soil Propagation.

πŸ˜€πŸ‘€πŸŒ΅πŸŒžπŸŒ΅πŸ‘€Please like and comment your thoughts. Most of all PLEASE JOIN THIS COMMUNITY. We need you!!! We need to share our succulent knowledge that differs greatly over our succulent lovers in moderate climates.
Our knowledge is valuable to other lovers growing succulents who face our common challenges.
Stay tuned... water Propagation updates as soon as I see the first change.
Succulent Water Propagation 7/16/17
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Okra plants will generally keep producing throughout the growing season as long as keeping harvesting okra pods, Dried Okra Pods rapidly become fibrous and woody, and to be edible, must be harvested within a week of the fruits having been pollinated.

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There is nothing more satisfying as growing your own vegetables and eating them fresh right out of the garden. The herb garden need not be the monoculture garden of old.


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Mulch should be applied when planting so as to retain soil wetness, suppress weeds and defend roots.
Spreading mulch over bare soil helps prevent weeds, keeps soil moist longer and makes your yard look neat and tidy.

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The success of your gardening is possible only you have all the essential tools. Gardener starts with a basic collection of tools. Gardening tools set are vital parts of your gardening venture, so their real value should never be set aside.Types of Gardening Tools and their uses will still depend on the type of gardening that individual wishes to pursue. If you are into organic gardening, there are also set of tools that are suitable for this particular type of gardening.

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Organic Gardening Fertilizers could be a sort of fertilizer that is derived from animals, well-mined minerals and plants.

Any organic fertilizer combination will feed the soil organisms manufacturing plant food in available plant form.


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There are different types of organic fertilizers so if you are planning to grow an organic garden and have your own fresh produce you need to be familiar with the following types and see for yourself which among this fertilizer are good for your garden.

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Most current pic of lavender Bush. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
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Anyone have a clue as to its name??

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Spring, 2017
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