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Welcome to the Google Plus Teamwork Pays Community Team. We believe that Teamwork is the best way to achieve online success.
Posting, sharing, plussing and liking posts gets YOU known so join in and increase your popularity and targeted followers.  #gplusteam #marketing

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It's Time for You to Make Money
Have you every wished you could make the big bucks like the pros do? Well now’s your chance to do just that because this system was built for one purpose and one purpose only. To Make Money!!
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Join me, Frederic Bye, and my first guest Michael Schwartz Next Thursday on the first episode of my new show called "What Is Your Excuse?" on the Creative Magic Network. It won't be broadcast live, but it will be recorded live and unedited. Me and Frederic both believe that authenticity is critical to having a real conversation that will lead to people taking action. By the end of each show I want the listeners to think if that person can do it then what is my excuse. Michael's site for the palette project Frederic's site for the show and more and of course my site

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An awesome recipe for the pressure cooker! You can have Chicken Alfredo in under 35 minutes and it's perfect.

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hi  my friend alex okoroji has been reading samples of my next book. she decided to share an exerp on her site as a guest post and give the book some advance publicity. this is the post i wrote about it. near the top you can click through to her post including my thoughts on affirmations. If you like it please share and comment. thanks max

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Real Stew Mentor

"I have been an active RealStew Member for over 24 months.
I am a Foundation Club Member,Shareholder
RealStew Members use the platform to engage, interact,
 share and transact with their friends, family, clients and contacts.
 This could be for Social, Personal and Business reasons.
Communication is effect, efficient from one logged in position.
A full history of the communication is
 retained in cloud storage enabling Users
 to communicate at all times from an informed position.
I am a registered RealStew Mentor, trained and certified and
 I am willing to help you in anyway.
If you have any questions I look forward to being of help".

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Did you know that gut dysfunction can be linked to virtually every disease and can affect things you may not be aware of, such as your mood? Learn more at the Heal Your Gut Summit, Jan 18-25, 2016. It's online and free!

Check out my latest blog post for all the details.

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Hi; here is the post I wrote about my amazing time on Alex Okoroji's anniversary show at the naked talk. I included the link to her post as well as the audio link because I want you to have the opportunity to learn about and connect with all the other amazing people that were on the call with me. Hope you have the time to check it out. It is a two hour show and I stayed for all of it. and a talented musician named scott plays live in the last quarter hour. even if you have to download and skip ahead don't miss it. he is well words can't say it. thanks for your continued support, max

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hello; This is to announce my first interview in a major magazine. it was done by alexa tsoulis-raey for new york magazine. It took about six months because she had to recover from her trip home to visit with family in new zealand and then she had more questions and then there were problems getting scheduled with an editor. but its finally done. we talk about what its like to be blind and lose your vision. we talked about growing up in a family of carnival owners. we covered my weight loss and transition from carnival owner to equipment broker to blogger podcaster goals coach etc. we didn't talk about the book, but the article was more about weight loss and health. I hope something in it appeals to anyone who reads it. and i really hope it inspires someone to take action in some area of their life. and it wouldn't hurt if it lead to some coaching clients or paid speaking opportunities. ;)   I'm told that if it gets enough interest they will republish it in the print version of their magazine. so, please visit the site and share the post. comments would be welcome to but you have to register for their site. if that bothers you, then please just comment here. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think. and i should mention that there may be some minor errors in the story but i believe it is accurate. some of it is a bit embarrassing but its honest; and I don't really know how not to be me when I get asked questions. thanks for your love support and encouragement. take care out there, Max

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My 1st online course is now live 
Hello i just launched my first online course. It is called on the air using podcast radio and tv interviews to reach a wider audience share your story and promote your brand. It is now available on selz and gum road. It draws on my experiences and the fact that I have been able to grab so many opportunities to tell my story and spread my name online. I am seeking people to review the course for their blog or podcast. I am also looking for affiliate sales people. And I am willing to send them the files via drop box so they can listen to them prior to promoting them. I want people to know what they are talking about and be able to give an opinion about just how helpful the course should be. I hope you will help by sharing this link. Thanks and take care, max
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