Small Chance of Rain in omitted
High of 80° and a low of 72°
Should be a nice day to have some fun in our local park, Park omitted
Have a nice day city of omitted

Message From Overlooker:
Hello friends, we have an update on the escapee... We have lost all contact from said escapee, and they are presumed dead... Remember, stay out of the rain

It will not end well for me...
Help Me

My Doom

Message from the Overlooker
An Escape From Our News Facility Has Been Acknowledged. We Are Working On Bringing Them Back. If And When We Collect Them, They Will Be Punished Accordingly.
Thank You - The Overlooker

News coming on. . .
Stay out of the rain friends. . .

Hello, wElcome to our broadcast page, we're sure you'll Love it, Please stay out of the rain.
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