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Marvel Role Players Universal Guide

”’Nuff Said”
- Stan Lee

Welcome to Marvel Role Players!

Marvel Role Players is a community created and sponsored by Role Player Studio, which is an original character role play, based off of the Marvel universe. This community has been created, in which it consists of several systems to regulate the role playing experience accordingly. Please be sure to look throughout the entire universal guide for a full understanding of everything and have fun role playing in Marvel Role Players.

- Universal Guide -

Category Descriptions

Character Creation

Power System

Tournament Template


Activating Mutant Gene System

Chi System

Discovery System

Gamma Radiation System

Invention System

Magic System

Mastering Super Power(s) System

Occupation & Secret Identity System

Radioactive Spider System

Super Soldier Serum System

Symbiote System

Terrigenesis System


Coming Soon Systems

Phoenix Force System

Weapon X System


Weapons & Items List

High Ranks

Coming Soon

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Oh hey, did someone change the picture?

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Since this place has barely seen activity, let’s try something out. To revise this place, I need to see what the members feel. So in the comments, give me ideas to how to revive this place, by either doing regular events, or maybe a arc, or possibly redoing some parts of the guide. Give your thoughts and feelings so we can fix this place.

It's a shame with Infinity War coming out this month that the comm couldn't have some sort of similar event. Tumbleweeds are rolling over and crickets are chirping. You can even hear a pin drop.

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Funny how sharing a random YouTube video that has nothing to do with Marvel is somehow more important to the owners than running the comm they're posting in. What's this weird sensation I'm having? I think my irony senses are tingling.

Anyone up and about?

anyone want to ask if some of us who want to keep this alive can take over as mods and owners?
I would but idk who to ask

darnit, I really liked this place but it's dead now

Why is it so dead here? Is there supposed to be reset coming up or something?
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