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Chapter Two:
When Sami got to class she opened her notebook and started drawing. She was a fairly good artist but all of her drawings consisted of broken hearts, rain, and things like that. Today it was a girl leaning against a tree with headphones on. It wasn’t her best work but it was okay. 
“Hi Sami.”
She pretended not to hear him and kept drawing. He sat down beside her and smiled.
“What’re you drawing?”
Sami sighed knowing she couldn’t just pretend he wasn’t there. 
“Umm...its....” She moved her arms so he could see for himself.  he didn’t say anything and when she looked at him he looked ....confused.
“Its bad, I know.”
“No...its really good but...” he paused. “Its so dark...and sad...”
“wow” she thought to herself, “he’s the first person who didn’t assume i’m a dark person.”
The bell rang and he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. Sami was not expecting that and she dropped her notebook in the dirt. He picked it up, brushed it off, and handed it to her.
“No problem.”  he said happily.
Sami smiled at him. “wow” she thought, “Im actually smiling...genuinely smiling..” She turned and walked to class and as she was opening the door she turned around to see if he was still there. He was but he didn’t look like the  happy sweetheart she was talking to only moments ago. He was sitting against the tree even though he should be going to class. He had his head in his hands and when he looked up she saw he was crying. 
She considered turning around to talk to him but she didn’t want to miss class so she hurried inside and got to class.

Sami sighed as she opened her eyes and turned off her alarm clock. “Damn” she muttered realizing she had survived the night again. She glanced over to the picture of Jake and felt her heart break all over again. Heart break seemed like the only thing she ever felt anymore...After he left nothing mattered anymore.

Chapter One:
Sami got up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower before school. As she felt the warm water run over her body she closed her eyes and thought back to a time when things were easier. When she was happy. When she didnt have to fake a smile in public only to come home and cry her eyes out. She got out of the shower and brushed her hair down over one eye, put on her old grey hoodie and skinny jeans. Her makeup was dark as usual. Truth is; Sami wasn’t a “dark” person but she had learned that if people thought she was then they would leave her alone and really thats all she wanted, because if you dont talk to people theres no chance of  getting hurt by them.
“Sami please eat something for breakfast.” 
“No thanks mom, I’m not hungry.”
She grabbed her bag and kissed her mom on the cheek and walked outside to wait for the school bus before her mother could protest.
She sat down on a seat by herself, put in her earbuds, and tuned the world out. Well until someone sat beside her. She glanced up and saw a skinny black haired guy sitting next to her. 
“Hi. Im Seth” he said and put his hand out for her to shake it. 
“Sami.” she said quietly as she shook his hand.
“ Sami. Cool Name. Is it short for something?” He said all too quickly.
“ just Sami.”
“Well Sami its very nice to meet you.” He smiled. Sami nodded and put her earbuds back in and stared out the window. When they got to school she got off the bus and as she walked away she turned and saw him walking away alone as well.
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