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Today +David Wonderly and I were talking and we felt like we were treated like day time hookers with STIs. We here by demand respect and to be treated like humans or will be killing the Rom. This is a community Rom and all of you needs to contribute. You have until next week to make a logo... Any logo and show you tried or we will kill it like a rabid dog. Thank you and good luck

Please stop asking if we are dead or not... Seriously... We are busy not dead. And it will continue that way until further notice. Good? Good...

A off topic here but let's have a poll. What's the best Linux distro out there? I recently switched from Ubuntu 14.04.1 to Debian Unstable and I love it. What's your favorite distro?

Second poll. What's the best desktop environment? I use unity and cinnamon before. Now I'm on Gnome. What's your favorite?

Contest ended with no entries. :(. But let's expand the deadline for another week and throw in a hug. Yes now it has hugs!

Boot Animation contest! Here's the criteria:

1. Simple animation. Keep fancy effects down. Simple yet beautiful is what we are going for.

2. The main color should be "Enlighten Green". The roms name is based off Googles Ingress. So we also want Ingress colors in our animation. A simple Google search would find the green type.

3. Have "EnlightenOS" in the animation. Please add the word EnlightenOS in the animation. It could be static if you want.

Logo Contest! Criteria is here:

1. Must use "Enlighten Green" as a main color.

2. Simple but beautiful.

Date: starts today and ends on 8/3 00:00 EST.

Submit by posting it on the community under the "Submissions" section.

Voting will start 8/4 00:00 EST and run to 8/7 00:00 EST.

Voting will happen in the Google Plus community.

Winners will receive special mention on our website, XDA forum and special mention section of the settings bar for the duration of the logo/animation. Good luck! 


Okay. Update on the Dev and project.

On a personal note, I really only get to see my kids during the summer. As a result, my summers are crazy. Working from home and watching them takes up 135% of my time.

One this project is running summers with it will be better, just don't expect anything in the way of features during summer months.

This being said, my kids head home next weekend. 😢

However, it's ROM time.

So, as of right now, I'm using PA as a base and baking in Halo. But, with the name change there are some other fun things that can happen with this.

We need a logo.

This is where being a community is fun. I'll create a topic for logo and boot animation contest. Create and submit your designs for one or both and we will have a fun time with it.

So, I'm getting everything straightened up on the ROM end if we can pull together and come up with some epic artwork we can kick this thing off right.

Cheers and no... I'm not dead.

Here we go. As from my last post, we are doing a logo and boot animation design contest.

Please use this topic for the contest.

Do you have a Rom preview for HTC m8 looking for a different roms options at the moment yet to get s-off and root thanks for playing

This ROM isn't dead! +David Wonderly is busy!! He's the dev... I'm the project manager. It's delayed not dead
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