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Name: Wyrda

Age: Eleven

Gender: Female

Side: Rift

Skills: Archery (longbow), Good with Shortswords and daggers.

Likes: Animals, Parkour, Reading, Running, Playing Innocent

Dislikes: Hunters, Shields, Big Egos, Royals

Powers: Shapeshifting, Can summon and manipulate weather.

Personality: Energetic, Good-humored, Cunning, Sly, Stealthy

Bio: Wyrda discovered she could shapeshift at the age of four and ever since then she tried to decide whether to go to the Rift or Norm, however she was neutral for four years before she decided she hated the royals because they were quite bossy. She joined the Rift, and now whenever someone suspects she is in the Rift she acts innocent, and if that doesn't work, she will most likely kill them.

Appearance: Five of my most used forms below.
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Name} Natsuno

Class} Traveler

Alliance} Neutral

Age} 15 

Gender} Male

skills} Sword Skill , strength , intelligents , 

Likes} Kitty's , fighting , being alone

Dislikes}  Royal's  ,  Death of loved one's and family's 

Personality}Natsuno is a calm and highly intelligent individual, and he is often seen studying in his room. At first glance, he comes off as cold, quiet and uncaring Natsuno accepts that the kingdom had fallen and quickly and becomes more quiet, solitary and fearless

Apprence} Natsuno is a young man with blue-violet hair, violet eyes and slightly tan skin. He would wear different clothing other than his school uniform, which shows his previous life as a city dweller. After the "Accident"  his skin gains a pale complexion with his hair in a darker tone. In addition, his eyes have become darker with a more cold expression and they lost their light glint. He also starts wearing darker clothing he wore a checkered, hooded jacket over a white blouse and black short pants

Bio} after the princess had been found me and my brother sought nothing to do with thee3 kingdom but that day changed my life they had the nerve to kill him my brother that's the day i ran away only to come back later to seek revenge.
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Gender: female


Skills:in weaponry and ninja arts

Likes:fighting, hiding in the shadows, helping people, and weapons

Dislikes:people, people telling me what to do, having to be sweet and innocent, and talking

Personality:quiet, bossy, stubborn, touchy, short tempered, nice at times, and adventurous


Bio:I hate talking about my past so don't ask me
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Name: Arcus Barrington 
Age: 19 
Gender: male
Side: Rift
Skills: stealth, close combat, sedusing, he´s also intelegent 
Likes: attending balls (great fun and great stuff to take), going for a walk, getting away once again, playing chess 
Dislikes: loud and/or rude people, losing, being disapointed 
Powers: electicity to steal the spotlight 
Personality: sedusive, kind, calm, intelegent, enjoys a chalange, very patient but doesn´t like being disapointed 
Bio: it´s quit rude to ask for that straight away, don´t you agree? 
Appearance: one handsome devil. He has white hait, gray eyes and a scar across his face, he wears fancy clothes and when stealing he wears a steal mast decorated with silver. 
Weapon: a clasical rapier 
Other: he has a mansion out in the forest in a forgotten part and he has his own female horse named Madam Black, or just Madam for short. 
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he walks down the street, a soft smile on his face as he looks at how joyfully everyone walks around in the sun. When... (open for anything)

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Name: Paris
 Age: 15
 Gender:  Female
Species: Neko 
Side (( Rift, Citizens, Royals)): Citizen
Skills: Cooking, helping and healing 
Likes: Sweets, fish, helping and nice people
Dislikes: Sour foods, mean people, not helping, fighting and crowds
Powers:  Healing and is able to turn into a cat (if needed or wanted to)
Personality:  Shy but kind after getting to know her and clumsy
Bio: Her mother and father were killed when she was younger so she had to take care of herself, she also doesnt remember a lot ab out her past 

May I be a royal?

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Name: Faith

Age: 16

Class: Traveler

Gender: Female

Alliance: Neutral

Assistance: Large black wolf

Weapons: Bow, Katana and hidden twin blades

Appearance: Long brown hair, emerald green eyes, tattoo of the sun on her hip, alluring body, wears shirts, shorts and ankle boots

Personality: Shy caring, sweet, nervy, accidentally seductive when hanging around any men, sweet, can be a real pain in the behind, will do anything to protect her companion

Skills: Horse-riding, wolf-riding, archery, hand to hand combat, sword-play and helping the injured

Bio: She was an outcast in the kingdom she previously lived in, so she moved into the forest to live with the animals. She doesn't converse with people, but whenever she talks with a male, she instantly becomes a nervous shy wreck, and starts flirting and acting seductive.

Her only friend is her wolf companion, but he is only around when summoned for battle, so she is left with virtually no one to talk to.
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Side: Royals

Likes: The Kingdoms he works with, ZELDA, Navi(His fairy guardian), Friends, Food, Drawing, reading, geneologie, sword fighting, training

Dislikes: GANONDORF!!, Enemies, People who mess with his friends!, people who mess with him, and people who hurt others for no reason.
Name: Link

Nicknames: Hero of Hyrule, Hero Of Legend, Goddess's Knight, Royal Engineer.

Age: 17

Looks: (Shown Below also has one where I wear red and blue instead of Green)

Alliance: Good

Assistance: ??? ((don't know yet will find one))

Weapon: Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Boomerang, Pegasus Boots, Iron Boots, Bow and Arrow, Fierce Deity Mask, Power Gloves, Fire Tunic, Water Tunic, Ocarina of Time.

Strengths: Melee Combat, Ranged Combat, Horse Riding, Light Magic.

Weaknesses: Darkness, Lightning, Earth

Personality/Bio: raised in Hyrule as a kid but ventured the world to become the greatest hero ever!. Silent, Funny, Calm, Cool, Collected, Mysterious, Cute, Friendly.

Class: Swordsman

((sorry I didn't make an original character))
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