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Superfun OFC is the #1 Open Face Chinese(OFC) game community in the world, across the Android(Google Play), iOS(iPhone & iPad), Windows,Mac and event the web(by Flash Player).
It is the ONLY OFC poker game platform including Classic, Turbo and Pineapple three types playing, and its the UNIQUE platform for OFC Pineapple Tournament, and even it provide the VIP PRIVATE poker room for professional players to play with their friends or by social privately.

The main features including:
- 3 type playing cards: OFC(Classic) , Pineapple and Turbo Speed(Wild Mode) included
- 5x Speed(Slow, Normal,Fast Hyper) for beginner to High stake professor
- 7x24  Online real-time compete with players worldwide
- 5 major platform support, ONE Account can access via Google Android, Apple iOS(iPhone & iPad), Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows(9x,200x),and even via
- 100% Real Machine Random for cards generation for fair
- 4 theme for table(room) suiting your habit
- Leaderboard of Chips and Level according to Countries or by Continent
- Resume to game or tournament if you disconnect to server by advanced technology
- Quick match opponent by server system
- Daily Bonus and Online Bonus for totally free
- Grow up tasks help get more chips and join higher stake tables
- Login with Facebook Social account and share with friends
- Multi-language support including English,German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(Simplified),Chinese(Traditional) for Hong Kong,Marco and Taiwan.
- Fantasyland bonus and rewards
- Hand details history online storage for reviews and replay for unlimited times
- Lots of features waiting for you to explore...

Open Face Chinese Poker is an evolution of very long history card game, called “Chinese Thirteen Cards” Game widely spreed in developed South-East coach of China, and nowadays its is introduced to European(especially Russia) and USA and even South America, South East Asia. 
Its super fun absolutory and intellectual challenge for players, so in the platform the player can find comparable opponents and have SUPER FUN !!

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