Super sorry for not posting for a long timd u guyz anyway im back-scarletia

Its been a long while since u last heard from me.I hoped u guys messed me XD JK and guys im looking for new members for this page and text me back when u get the chance and see ya guys later, im helping out the host club so see ya-Scarletia

Hey everyone welcome to the ouran highschool host club for fans all around the world to come and play as their fcs on the page and hang out with the host club so im scarletia rose (my ouran high school host club fc) I go to a private high school called ouran academy aka ouran highschool and im friends with haruhi fujioka (dont know if I spelled that right ) and im a guest in the host club, I help them out and basically hang with the host club , and im also a popstar singing sensation and having a break from singing but im still making songs though........someone stop me XD .anyway so yeah im scarletia rose and welcome to ouran academy-scarletia
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