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Just launched my 1st Udemy course. Here are 10 seats try it for a huge discount at $10 in exchange for your feedback. (regularly $47)

I'm thinking of creating one that talks about field inspections, mystery shopping & other ways to make money with your camera.

What types of things are you interested in learning?

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Hi - wanted to give you an update and enlist your help. Woke up this morning and guess what?

We're #24 in small business on Amazon since we launched 24 hours - #1 is within reach!

With your help we can do it! My book is on promotion for 99 cents during this launch.

If you purchased a copy already, THANK YOU for helping us get this far. Please be sure to write a short review. It REALLY helps!

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So, just putting the finishing touches on my 2nd book -

It's not about field inspections but it IS a home business opportunity where you can leverage those connections you've built up with local businesses.


Here's how you can join me behind the ropes to learn more..

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What are your plans for your business?

Please welcome the newest members Zachary & InSpecPRO!

How is your summer going? Do you typically find a slow down for work or are you usually taking a vacation?

For me there's usually a summer hiatus effect for LA in the film television industry. This year video shopping and mystery has added a significant amount of work.

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Next week we'll be having a special class for Field Rep 101 students on the recent developments with video shops and mobile inspections - these are the latest trends that have added to my bottom line.

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IMSC is now offering online training on video mystery shopping; this is my newest stream of income, and I highly recommend all field inspectors consider this line of work

Please join me in welcoming some of the newest members to our group!

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Who's going to this next IMSC conference next Monday in San Diego? I'll be talking about some of the latest opportunities in field inspections and connecting with the top mystery shoppers. Let me know what questions you have about mystery shopping.
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