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I know this won't do much but...DON'T REPOST ANY SPAM! IT'S NOT REAL! "Mary was killed by a insane killer..repost this or he will kill you" AS IF..ok any way i'm dead because i didn't repost that stuff....what? i'm dead!

Running around Wow, this place is so new! Wonder how it stays like this!

Hmph. Finally.
He started to jump out of the elevator, checking for his three weapons, before letting them disappear, heading further into the resort. ... How the hell is this in a.. ... Eh, I shouldn't question it.

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Huh.. a space elevator..
He started to walk into it, feeling the shift of gravity go on the walls and quickly flipped to adapt to it.
Ugh.. guess I'll be in for a hell of a ride.
Profile Time!
The Grimoire of Alice (Remastered)
Name: Strikes Margatroid, or Caduto Angelo
Age: 18, aged at 4/22
Species: Youkai, former Human
Bio: An adventurer before death, Saikou Shidousha, a Satori Youkai, gave up his life to become Strikes Margatroid, also known as Caduto Angelo to his real family. Caduto Angelo, descendant of the Angelo family, has powers of the blue star, and, thanks to Correre Angelo's "Infrared" sword, the powers of infrared light.

transforming hi! im +Raspag the violet wisp but only transformeded.
hey, spectral glory, what is you wisp form?

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Name: Zorua Prower
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Fox/Hedgehog
BIO: (Alternate tails) I was an orphan all my life, the only fox, and the only one with powers.

Walking around All this is new to me. Sigh

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Name: Miles Prower
Nickname: Tails
Species: Fox
Age: You don't need to know that
BIO: Basically, everyone knows who I am. So I'll skip this part

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Name: Betsy Braixen
Species: Vixen
Bio: adopted by +Vinyll Scratch Glory. Training to be a glory member

I remember this place! Running through Aquarium park One of the 6 places Me and Sonic went through to save all the wisps
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