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Name: Aurora S. Kinsley
Nickname: Rory
Age: 15
Likes: Sweets, planning criminal activity (mostly death), conning people, cake, music, video games, anime, nice people, sleeping, acting, drawing, the color purple
Dislikes: Her parents, some of the cell wardens, some of the orderlies, eggplant, cockroaches,
Personality: Rory is very kind and loving on the outside, but she is also cruel and evil. If this girl got her hands on a Death Note- She is intelligent, creative, smart, and deceiving.
Bio: Rory seems like an ordinary girl, and posed as one for a fairly long time. She kept a journal of her drawings, a hit list, and plans to murder each and every one of these people. Her parents discovered it and idiotically, sent her to the asylum.

I hope to RP with some of you soon! ^^

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I look up from my desk in my room **cell, wondering if anyone will ever talk to me, or even look at me. It's only been a few hours and I'm already bored, and scared.I say to myself, a little angry to have been put here in the first place. Sighing I stare down at a blank page in my journal, writing "Mother" at the top Now mother, how shall I write your death?

Looks down Um.. Hi.... I joined because +NO LONGER IN USE​ said people should... And I did... I'm a pretty good rper I guess but I don't know what kind of character I should have.. Any suggestions? looks up

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Name: Isabelle Davis
Nickname: Izzy
Age: 14
Likes: friendly people, exploring when she can, the color purple, and kicking ass!
Dislikes: cell, guards, the punishment, and some other people.
Bio: was placed here by parents since she was convinced she could see ghost and hear people in her head. Hear them laughing at her, which made her go even more insane. Until they confined her here, can be see talking to ghost, but looks likes she's talking to herself or an object. But has tried to escape 10 different times.

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Likes:sweets, goth, making the crosses go upside down, fucking stuff up
Dislikes: being locked in cell, being electrocuted. Crosses going right side up
BIO:she was brought to the asylum when she was 10 because her 'abilities' started to freak her parents out, so, they brought her here. The reason she turns the crosses upside down is because they drain her powers if their right side up, but the staff put crosses in her cell to see what would happen, and just that happened.
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you walk past my cell and stop. You see me talking to the wall smiling and I stop and look at you excuse me? Want to join the conversation. my eyes narrow as I hear you laughing in my head you think I'm insane obviously! scoffs and turns my head and starts talking again
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