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Hear ye! Hear ye!

My name is diablo seNora and this is the casting list. The rules are first come first serve, so hurry up and grab your favorite Hamilton character!

Cast Members:

•Alexander Hamilton: +Aly-Cat Bailey

•Hercules Mulligan: +diablo seÑora

•Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette: +Mαяу Uηινєяѕє

•John Laruens: +Galaxy Grows

•Aaron Burr: +FoxT R O T Animates

•Thomas Jefferson:

•James Madison: +CrippledToaster

•George Washington:

•King George III:

•Adult!Phillip Hamilton:

•Child!Phillip Hamilton: +Philip Le poet

•Charles Lee:

•Angelica Schuyler: +Trash Can (Deelz)

•Peggy Schuyler: +Blue Greene

•Eliza Schuyler: +Cherie is a muffin

•Maria Reynolds: +Mica Charter

•Adult!Theodosia Burr Jr.:

•Child!Theodosia Burr Jr.: +ᾠᾰïṭ. ḟṏɍ. ïṭ Burr

•Samuel Seabury:

•George Eacker:

•Martha Washington:

•James Reynolds:

Each cast member is a part of a group to ensure survival, except for Alexander - he's going to be a loner until he meets Laurens, Hercules, and Lafayette.


•Eliza Schuyler and Child!Phillip.
•Peggy and Angelica Schuyler.
•Laurens, Hercules, Lafayette.
•James Madison, Thomas, Washington, Martha
•Samuel and King George III
•Maria and James Reynolds
•Burr and Child!Theodosia Burr Jr.
•Adult!Phillip and Adult!Theodosia Burr Jr.

Profile Template for OCs.

Sexual Preference:
Job Within Group:

You can add more to your profile, but this is just the required pieces.
Animated Photo

(Continuous of Rp with Laurens, burr, Eliza, and Maine +FoxT R O T Animates​ and +Cherie is a muffin

I'm swamped with homework that I don't have time to make a profile for Hercules. I might make one sometime tomorrow, if I can.

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Name: Maine Rex
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Pronouns: She/her
Group: Laurens, Hercules, Lafayette
Job Within Group: Healer and scavenger
Weapons: A bat and a bow
Personality: Brisk, funny, depression issues, insane at times, and mother like
Likes: Shooting down animals
Dislikes: Watching Lafayette make plans
Bio: She keeps it a serect
Appearance: Long black hair with tan skin and light blue eyes. She wears a light blue jacket with a black shirt and a white ruffle piece. She also has very worn out jeans that are half destored

Art not mine.
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{RP continuation for +Galaxy Grows​ and +Cherie is a muffin​)

Anyone wanna rp with John Laurens?

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I can't comment on the cast list, but can I be Hamilton? I will comment when it lets me, but just asking, can I be Hamilton?

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Laurens had finally got out of Eliza's camp and sat down on the wasted grass to just cut his wrist open, he didn't feel it really at all. Working in a war means that you have to feel the pain in a different way and force yourself to not cry of it. But he did anyways, life wasn't going right. His dog went close to him and he brought her on his knees, and washed his tears in her fur. He looked up horrified as he heard a voice

Eliza looked around at the once beautiful park, her eyes had the tinge of insanity, anyone who'd look at her would think that she'd be easily killed, the dainty figure she had didn't help. She gripped onto her scuffed bat, the barbed wire that tangled around it pointed out, getting hit by it was like being cut by 100 needles at once. Her black eyes darted around. There was a sudden rustle in the bushes nearby. Alarmed, she raised her bat high "who's there?!?" She yelled 

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