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9pm GMT every eve except Sat. Spinglo social media integrated with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is being beta tested by associates right now. The online opportunity world will not know what has hit it when open to all in a few weeks. Tune in to find out what it could mean for you.
If you like what you see you can register for FREE with this link

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The ENWIRE Opportunity!
Network Marketing and ENWIRE - the best combination for your lifestyle.
Network marketing is a sustainable and growing business model used all over the world and it has made tens of thousands of people financially independent and you can join them.
Combining social media with network marketing is an explosive combination!
A new business is usually very complicated for most people. People often do not have the right education; they lack the funds to start a business and do not really have anyone to ask for true business advice.
In network marketing, you can start straight away since the business is already working and your sponsor and the company will help you.
Freedom starts when you join ENWIRE, as it is free to join.
When you join you can earn money by introducing people to our principal business partner organisation “Spinglo” - your sponsor will advise you how to do this.
Your income can grow substantially based; of course, on the time and effort you invest in developing your own business. This could be anything from a few hours a week to a full time commitment.
The value of your commissions will change with the number of sales that are generated by you and your team (if you have developed a team to assist you).
Your sponsor will take you through the commission plan and the ways in which you can change the percentage of each sale that you and/or your team receive.
In addition ENWIRE has a number of start-up packages to help you get your business up and running.
These packages start from as little as one hundred Euros. You can choose how big you want to build your business, and you will have all the support and help you can get from working with ENWIRE and with our experienced network marketing leaders.
ENWIRE is also the only company that pays you residual bonuses, month after month, year after year without making you go out and sell products or offer services to friends and family.
It is simply a brilliant concept!
ENWIRE has a number of partner companies, with Spinglo being its major Business partner.
Spinglo has many ways to make money for you and the friends you introduce.
With the best part being you and your friends will only have to do what you would do in life anyway.
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