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How To Clean Glass Windows?

Windows are also an important part of our house to get it cleaned as it does affect the whole complete house cleanliness. Below are some methods you can try to see which one best suits you and it also depends what you have available in your house.

Method 1 – Use Old Newspapers
All you need is old newspapers. Newspapers are one of the most commonly used methods. The oil left on printing the newspaper is very effective to clean away any stains and dust on glass. You can fold the newspaper to handheld size and start wiping your glass windows. You are done with clear glass window again.

Method 2 – Use Water, Rags and Glass Scraper
Lay dry cloth at the bottom of the glass to soak up any water during cleaning. Soak one rag in water. Wipe the glass frame and then clean the glass with a wet clean rag. Use glass scraper to remove the water from the glass. Using a dry cloth, wipe the window frame.

Method 3 – Use Sponge Block and Detergent
You can use a wet sponge block to scrub the glass to remove stains. However, for stubborn stains, you can use some detergent to scrub again. Once all stains removed, you can use a dry absorbent cloth to wipe away the detergent, and then wipe with a dry cloth again for better result.

Method 4 – Use Glass Cleaner
Glass Cleaner is readily available in the market. Spray the glass cleaner onto your window glass and wipe clean with cloth or even newspaper. Your window glass will be crystal clean again.

Method 5 – Use Vinegar and Water
Prepare the natural cleaning solution. Mix one portion of vinegar and one portion of water in a spraying bottle. Spray the cleaning solution onto the glass and wipe clean. This is one of my favorite method as vinegar also kills bacteria.

When you are cleaning your windows and if you have children in the house, just remember to keep them away when you are using the sprays like glass cleaner or vinegar water spray. This is because you do not want them to inhale the mist of these solution or such mist to land on them.

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Besides resting on our beds, sofas are where we spent most of our time resting on as well at home. Whether, it’s reading a book, watching television, taking an afternoon nap, gathering with friends and so on. It is also one of the main furniture in our house that completes design we wanted. Therefore, most people nowadays invest in their sofas. The two main types of sofas are leather sofa and fabric sofa. Both have its different look, feel, advantages and disadvantages.

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Are you too busy to clean up your house for that special occasion? You are not alone if you have no time to clean your house for coming new year or festive season. Moreover, spring cleaning is more tedious than your regular cleaning as it requires a lot of effort.

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Looking for affordable cleaning services for your home or office, we can help. Contact us for a chat.

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Having invested on your flooring which is something you step on almost every day, a good maintenance of it will benefit you in the long run. It is best to hire cleaners providing professional floor cleaning services as they will be experienced and equipped to know what cleaning techniques and products for your flooring.

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How To Get Rid Of The Smell After Renovation?

Moving in to a newly renovated house is one of the happy moments. However, after renovation the house will have a smell. Some people experienced headache, nausea, chest tightness, and even have respiratory problems. Some people believed that long-term exposure will cause cancer. This is rather scary but how do we remove such odor after renovation? Below are some methods to remove the odor after renovation.

Method 1 – Use bamboo charcoal
We all know that charcoal is a good dehumidifier. Bamboo charcoal can effectively absorb any sulphides, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals and moisture in the air. This eliminates odor, thereby you can get fresh air. Therefore, place bamboo charcoal in each room and this will help to get rid of the smell in your newly renovated house.

Method 2 – Use plants
House plants can naturally clean air in the house. In fact, NASA scientists, has done researches on the benefits of indoor plants and found that through plant photosynthesis process, air gets purified. Some plants remove chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities. Depending on the size of the room, plants can be displayed to beautify the house and clean the air in the room. As a guide, for every 10 square meters, you can put one to two 1.5m tall plants.

You can consider plants like cactus, palm, ferns, corn cane or mass cane (tieshu), English Ivy, Orchid, Snake Plant, Spider Plant and so on.

Method 3 – Ventilation
After renovation, you must always increase ventilation and air circulation in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to open the door and windows for air circulation. This will reduce the harmful substances in the indoor air. Ensure good ventilation for at least 1 to 2 months.

Method 4 – Cleaning
Cleaning of new furniture, floor, walls and so on can remove residual chemical substances to an extent. Depend on the surfaces, some surfaces can be cleaned using salt water.

Method 5 – Add aromatic fragrance
There are many ways to add aroma to your house and this depends on individuals liking. Here are some natural ways that you could use.
a. Tea Bags - You can hang a few teabags on the back of the door. You can also add one or two drops of essential oil on the tea bags to increase the aroma.
b. Dried Lavender – Mix dried lavender and baking soda in a jar. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and mix them well. Repeat adding a few drops of essential oil and mix well till you are satisfied. Punched holes on the jar cover and cover the jar.
c. Lemon Peel – If you are cooking and the food or water is boiling, place the lemon peel on top of the pot cover to create a scent in the room. Alternatively, you can throw some lemon peels in the fireplace and there you get your citrus aroma in the house.
d. Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus is a great deodorizer and helps clear up sinuses or congested nose. Place a few branches in the closet and it will get rid of the musty smell. Essential oil can be used in replace of the branches too.


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10 House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

1. How To Keep Sponges Clean
You used sponges to clean and scrub your cutlery, dishes, pots, pans, utensils and so on. They are in contact with grease, sauces, crumbs and grit. It is always damp most of the time, a perfect home for germs. Therefore, sponges should be sanitized as well to get rid of these germs. Simply microwave your sponges for about 2 minutes and that should kill about 99% of them.

2. Easy Way To Clean Fan Blades
Do not throw away your old pillow cases as you can use them to easily clean your fan blades. The dust stuck on your fan blades is wiped into the pillow case rather than dropping them on your face and floor.

3. How To Clean An Iron
If you have a dirty iron sole plate, just follow the steps below and your iron dirt will be removed as it would have been transferred to the salt.
i. Cover the ironing board with old pillowcase or a cloth
ii.Pour salt over it
iii Set the iron to its highest
iv. Iron the salt

4. Remove hard water from shower head
It is very common for the shower head to have some spray nozzles spraying water sideways after sometime and it just means that hard water has formed. Hard water can be easily removed. All you need is to mix the same amount of water and vinegar together. Soak the shower head in the solution for about 30 minutes and the hard water will be removed. You can now get a nice shower again.

5. Fix surface scratches on wood
Wood can be easily scratched and if is just a surface scratch, it is easily resolved by yourself. All you need to do is to mix vinegar and olive oil together. The portion should be 1 portion of vinegar and 3 portions of olive oil. Use a rug to dip in the solution and rub it on the wood surface. Leave the wood to dry and you will have no more surface scratches.

6. How not to get dusty laminated cabinets and table tops so quickly
Place one or 2 drops of softener in your pail of water. Rinse your cleaning rug in the cleaning solution and start cleaning your cabinets. This will result in not having dusty laminated cabinets that quickly.

7. How to make cleaning grills easy
Before you use start grilling, cut a big onion into half. Rub the cut onion on the heated grills. This will prevent the food from sticking on the grills.

8. How to bring back your sparkling glassware
Prepare vinegar solution in proportion of 1:1 vinegar and water. Place your cloudy glassware in this solution and let it soak for an hour. For extremely cloudy glassware, you can increase your vinegar proportion. After soaking, you can use a sponge to clean the glassware in the solution.

9. How to remove hard water stains naturally
It is unavoidable that water stains will get accumulated on your facets. An easy way to remove them is to use lemon. Sliced the lemon into half and rub it on the water stains. Wait for several minutes before rinsing over warm water. You will see that the hard water stains are gone.

10. How to clean glass and mirror naturally
First prepare vinegar solution in proportion of 1:1 vinegar and water respectively in a spray bottle. Spray the glass and mirror surfaces and with a crushed newspaper, clean these surfaces and there you have spotless glass and mirror.

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