Grover was really wishing he hadn't been launched off of that ship like he did... Despite being terraformed to be "exactly like Earth's American forests," Venus was more like a swamp dotted smack dab in the middle of the Equator...

Hours earlier, during a trip on a space vessel to see how Venus was faring, Grover Bergman had fallen down from a balcony on the hunk of metal while it was taking off. Naturally, no one on the ship wanted to do all of the landing stuff again, and decided the man had what it took to live on a planet of jungle.

Now the large, tanned, dark-haired astronaut could only sit there and wait for rescue to arrive--if it was going to arrive at all. For now, though, all he had to keep him company was his own magical power, but even then, the pink, green, and yellow strings of light were faltering along with his mood. Was luck ever going to be on his side...?
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