+SNN! Media Group/ SNNtheSpartan will be our Turner!

Name: Nadjib

The Cartoon Network will be CT City Network (I was gonna call it CN City Network, but due to possible suing, I changed it, CT means CarToon, and it's based on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIU_UQF-kas)

The Adult Swim will be Adult City

Who will i be?

I will be WB

NAME: Michael Bay Pictures

I call dibs on Gainax.

+Miles Prower Entertainment will be our Orion

Who else am i gonna be?

Paramount is mine!

I call FOX!

Right then, since +Philip Gammson is Universal, who will be NBC and Comcast?

You thought CITHOE would be my last group because of being original?

But no, you are lying now since 466 and Logoworld said sorry to TWO members.
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