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An Enterprise of General Contactor & Suppliers, Sales & Purchase,Tour Operations & Event Manegment, Projects Management, Tradings, Rent & Commission Agent .


Professional & Operational Service Outsourcing .

General Business Activities :

Welcome to DESH ENTERPRISE .It has been established as a professional & Operational Service Outsourcing & General Suppliers Company at Dhaka in Bangladesh .

Outsourcing :
Outsourcing is when you contact out a business function a particular task , role or process to a third party over a long period of time . This third party organization takes control of the function & becomes responsible for its success .Outsourcing may be saved your money , help you be more flexible & manage growth effectively . It also always your business to gain access to outside expertise & technologies .


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writer-mrs. anjali denandee,mom
at tarekeswar.........district-hooghly............state-west is the TAROKNATH temple...............god baba TAROKNATH in this temple.......side of him , a very-big-pond.......too-holy.......take bath in it and offer to BABA SHIB..........from howrah travell by tarokeswar lokal train and reach to tarokeswar....from here travell by rickshaw........stand in front of baba.also satay in hotel......take food many things also...........take photo also..........

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কঠিন মন?নাকি কঠিন দুনিয়ার কিছু মানুষ?যাদের কারনে গোপনে নীরবে অশ্রু ঝরে আখি হতে।সান্তনা পেতে হয় অশ্রুপাত করে।বড় একা মনে হয় নিজেকে,শূন্য বুক ভরে উঠে হাহাকারে,বুক হয়ে যায় মহাশুন্যস্থান।শুন্যস্থান পুরনে প্রিয়জনের আগমনের প্রতিক্ষায় মন হয়ে উঠে উতলা। সেকি আসবে সূখের পরশ নিয়ে?সেকি পাশে বসবে?সেকি প্রানভরে ভালবাসবে?সেকি আমায় হাসাবে ও হাসবে?নাকি.....

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Enjoy traveling. explore your life , be touch with Real Touch for offers

Digha- The Best Place to Spend a Couple of Days
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Enough of your planning!! Just bundle your bags and set along towards Digha! Yes, you have heard right! 

If the over-hectic pressure in your office is just killing you and you are so desperate to have a change in your life, take a short trip to Digha and trust me it’s simply amazing!!

Want to know about the city in detail?

Digha is about 187 km away from the city of Kolkata and can truly be stated as one of the best places for a comforting holiday. The place is best known for its amazing sea shore and lines of casuarinas trees.

The shallow sand beach in Digha has a low slope with tender waves and the beach which expands up to seven kms in length. The most interesting part about the place is that that sea starts about a mile away from the sea shore. The magnificent charm of the place is actually soothing and placate, making you come and visit the place again and again. 

The soothing and alluring beauty of the place:

The entire beach of Digha is surrounded by lines of appealing casuarinas trees and the enchanting beauty of the place has truly attracted a number of tourists towards it. The attractive casuarinas plantations out there not only intensify the beauty of the place, but also reduce the soil-erosion to a great extent. 

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset to the fullest:

The sunrise and sunset at the exotic beach of Digha is something that truly makes its place right to an artist’s frame. The sea at Digha is comparatively calm than the other beaches in the country, making it safe for the swimmers to swim to their hearts’ content. 

Worried about the staying accommodation? Put a stop to all your apprehensions!

With more and more people choosing Digha to be their favorite tourist spot, a number of hotels have popped up to cater to the interests of the travelers. 

The hotels in Digha are best known for providing everything the tourists want to be endowed with. Starting from lavishing staying arrangement to excellent dining pact, you will get everything any tourist would normally crave for while out on an amazing trip. 

You can also read this -  5 Things That Made Digha Best Weekend Destination

Now, if you are worried about the budget factor involved in it, it’s worth mentioning that there are a number of budget hotels too that offer excellent service within a price range that suits your pocket in the finest manner. 

So what are you wasting your time for? Book your train or bus tickets and set for Digha to earn some unforgettable memories; to forget all the stresses you have accumulated so far and last bu
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