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I like people who are loyal to me, and I like to be loyal too.
[]Name:[] Rin Atsuko
[]Age:[] 19 Human, 1,900 Demon
[]Gender[] Female
[]Species:[] Demon
Father - Onigatana demon
Mother - Miranda Deaceased
[]Personality:[] Nice, Vengeful, Clumsy, Opens minded, Protective, Loyal
[]Height:[] 5'6
[]Weight: [] 101
[]Appearance:[] down below
[]Skills:[] Master swordsman's, Writing, Fighting
[]Likes:[] Reading, Meeting new people, Rain, Cloudy days, Nature
[]Dislikes:[] Rude people, Snakes
[]Hair color:[] Black
[]Eye color:[] Red
[]Skin color:[] Light tan
[]Pets:[] None yet
[]Bio:[] Rin was raised by her father, for her mother died after giving birth. Rin wanted to be just like her father, she looked up to him a lot. She didn't have many friends but did find a red dragon, whom she claimed as her pet. Work in progress
[]Weapons:[] Black katana
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(Sorry I did this three times, I didn't mean to! xD)
(Open rp, no need to ask, In an abandoned village near a town.)
A silent night in the town...And there it was. An explosion of fire, silver, and holy water splashed onto a nearby abandoned town, hisses and screams of the vampires roared, ,as one man had managed to take out a group of them(7-ish) in one fell launch from his gun "Terribly sorry, my bad, but I heard what ya were talking about." As one sped forward to him, he took out his stake, piercing into the beings hear "You're gonna have to try harder then that." Building had caught fire from the launch, now burning the vampire victims inside, while some sped around on fire, others were screaming from the holy water

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I'll beat 'cha so hard you'll geta twitch!"

Name: Bryce Seith

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Familiar: None

Apprentice: None(However I may get one.)

Species: He is a Demi-titan.(Son of Atlas, increased strength and Endurance for Bryce.)

Magic Type: Bryce is a Alchemist. He had concocted a serum that would allow him to not become infected by any monsters(Vampires and whatnot) and have other non-humanly beings become burned by it, or even killed if they took too much. His titan(/human) blood is also powerful against them, given it is a godly mixture, although he didn't know about his blood being basically acid when consumed, he had to take the serum every week. When he forgot and go bit, the effects staying the same, he stopped taking it. His Alchemy launcher also is technically an ability, since he uses his alchemy balls for it.

Weapons He carries multiple weapons. Specifically for different things. However his most common and most all-around weapon would be the holy water Greek fire launcher(HWGF). fragile balls encased in silver, once these bad boys hit the ground they spread holy water, fire, and even the fragments of silver. He carries crucifix-daggers, and a one shot pistol with silver bullets. Those crucifix daggers are silver, by the way. Along with some wooden stakes he makes on the fly. And a weak hand mounted flame-thrower to bat away enemies, that has enough gas to go on for about 2-3 seconds.(He has two kinds of Alchemist launchers, he only has one on him usually though. The design doesn’t do anything to it at all. IT’s just how they look.)

Likes: Cleansing the world of evil, playing around with some people...Those things.

DIslikes: Well uh...Evil. Vampires...All that shit.

Other information

Bryce usually is relaxed, wearing a leather duster and goggles hiding all of his wares and weapons. However, he does own a leather book he keeps in one of the many pockets.

As serious and deadly as his job maybe, Bryce is calm and collected, hell even silly sometimes. Though he doesn't usually show it, he's generally a kick ass guy who has some...'minor' flaws such as focusing on work too much, perhaps never calming down after one wolf or vampire gets away, though after two days he'll accept it.


194 pounds.

Dead by natural causes/disease.

As a young boy, Bryce never really cared for the monsters under his bed, or the men that roamed the streets howling their says. No. Never, actually. With his brother, that was all he needed...Until he died. Of an unknown sickness. Ashamed and sad, they never gave him a proper burial, so they simply...Buried him near the house. Fast forward a few years, his mother is convicted for being a vampire. And Bryce steps in. Saying that 'it isn't her' and he can prove it. Re-digging up his brother's grave, he shoved him to his mother. Confused, he spoke 'if she was a vampire, don't you think she would have turned him? Now, or before? Or even a werewolf, he would have been eaten.' Still not enough proof. He cut himself with some wooden knife he made. Once she didn't, they believed that was enough proof. Fast forward to two years ago. Visiting his brothers grave....There was nothing left. He was gone. That was when he realized...His brother had turned. Releasing his own demons in anger, he searched for him. So much had happened, mother and father dead, and now his brother is back feasting on others?! Taking that lone wooden dagger from years before, he sought out to find his big brother and stop him. He did...And with a heavy heart, killed him as well. Starting his own path to hunting. Making sure no one has to go through the loss of losing someone...And then losing them again to evil.
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Nichole took a walk through the forest. The quiet she was the better she was she thought. She wasn't a hunter she only a human. She walked into the abandoned house in the woods and she cut herself when she went inside because the glass door was broke. You smelled her blood and you... (Open rp!)

Anyone wish to rp?

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Type:wear wolf
Pet:Griffin name:sparta
Personality:triky smart parnkster funny evil nice
Bio:she was born a wear wolf form a bitten mom and a human dad later they dided. She never knew if she had sibling and grew up with a Griffin named Sparta and became a very smart teen and learned to fly. She found other wear wolves and learned there ways and then became alpha and that's where her adventur starts.
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Nichole sat down in the woods. She was quiet and calm. She was bleeding from accidentally sitting down next to the tree. She cut her hand on the tree and you smelled her and you... ( Open rp)

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Nichole was in the shadow forest all alone. She sighed at the fact that she knew everyone hated her for who she was. She sat down under the tree. The full moon was out and she looked at the moon. You noticed her and you... (Open rp)

So this place for real creatures of the night?

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Name: Nichole
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hight unknown
Parents dead
Likes: The woods and likes to read
Dislikes: Being in the dark
Bio: Born and raised in montana and moved away due to her parents. She lives out in the country by the woods she wants to be a vampire
Species: Human 
Personality: Sweet kind and friendly
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