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We will use this thread to coordinate all activities related to the closure of G+. First of all, some FAQ's:

Q: When is Google+ shutting down?
A: Four months earlier than originally announced. The API's will be shut down March 7th.

Q: Should I delete my Google+ account or Communities?
A: No, you should not do this 
Doing so will remove all content you and others have made, making it much harder for others to save their work. And as people drop from G+ I have no other member list and you also risk missing further updates. There is no reason to take any action right now.

Q: Where are we moving to?
A: This hasn't been decided yet. We asked people for opinions last year. Of those suggested MeWe, Reddit and a custom forum implementation met all of our requirements. Currently, MeWe seems to be the most popular.

Make sure to join each and check them out so you can make an informed choice. Just try a test post like you would on G+
I want you to join my group on MeWe:

Q: What should I be doing to prepare?
A: Complete the following form. The results are used to form a database of contacts in case the whole platform gets nuked earlier than expected.

Please do this as soon as you can. The closure date was already brought forward once..

Are you interested in helping with this project? Please let me know.

Thanks folks!

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Im NO LONGER posting to our GGG Google+ page from today 11th Feb 2019. Sadly this is due to I see no point building the site up with more posts with the imminent Google+ demise in April 2019. All my new posts will go out only on our GGGs page.

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Anthem Launch Trailer shows new unseen open world areas and more #anthemgame

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New Warframe Hildryn, Railjack Drydock, and more revealed in latest devstream #warframe

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Farcry SALE up to 80% off for those interested #farcry #humblesale

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*Bioware confirm Anthem post Launch schedule* of content, starting with the two post launch patches and new content in March! #anthemgame
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