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Dublin, Ireland
Weekend of Jan 26th 2018

Seems most folks plan to arrive Friday, Jan 26th.
In order to start planning I need to know:
- Who will arrive and when. Flight numbers are good as I can track those and plan events.
- A schedule of events will follow shortly. They are not mandatory, just suggested :)

Let the games begin!

Squad: my first impressions.
The idea of the game is really appealing to me but if you are in a squad that doesn't have a strong team leader the game descends into a team of people trying to play FPS.
This game has so much potential, it could be a superb SIM if the players are willing to play the way it's meant to be played.
First night with +Good Guys Gaming​ was a washout. No leadership at all. Very disappointed.
Hopefully better luck next time.

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Rule number 1 in Squad:
Always use wizard magic on the pickup trucks!
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Some more racing.
Let me know if you like the overlay thingy for the on-board view. ;-)

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Nice one to try if you want a break form the endless FPS out there. The extras given for Steam are pretty nice.

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Who spent a lot of time playing Quake as a young man?

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It's not a victory, just a tactical retreat before the next charge.

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It's lootboxes, gambling and, not even finished.
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