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Life Insurance 101 Explained

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While most of us do not like to think of the subject of our own death, the fact of the matter is that death is a part of life and in order to protect our families we need to give some thought to the subject of life insurance. The more you understand about life insurance the better you can prepare not only for your final expenses and protect your family.

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Hi, my name is Matthew Loughran, I’m with Midtown West Publishing. We are releasing a new book this Fall called “Insurance Buying Secrets” and have officially launched a Nationwide search for reputable insurance professionals who are dedicated to their customers, to be featured in the upcoming book, “Insurance Buying Secrets”.

I am reaching out to the group see if any members want to be featured in an interview and published in the book on ways to save on insurance.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to write anything, we just need about 30-45 minutes of your time for the interview.

This is a special project we are working on to benefit New Earth Life, and I’m confident it’s going to be a winner for all involved.

You can see we are already getting some nice press coverage: Check it out - https://goo.gl/xyikSe

In order for us to maximize our publicity opportunities for the project, we will need to include some quotes from your interview in the news releases and press about the book, which will get some great exposure for you and your business as well.

Unfortunately, I’m under a tight deadline, so I’ll try to connect with as many as interested professionals as possible but spots are filling up. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

If you do feel this is something that could benefit you and your business, in the interest of time, you email me matt@midtownwestmedia.com letting me know and I’ll send over the details for you to confirm.

Thanks for time

Matthew Loughran
Midtown West Publishing

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