Does anyone want to swallow my load

Online Dating Ladies is something retarded & totally stupid that the afraid of everything & love quoters, miserable sellouts biths that traded love 4 security$! On the 2-3 time men beaten idiots that they never were idiots that now don't need a man or sex! ??? Dating, meeting, seeking, personallity, preservence, , & lost the desire that make woman of any age complete! Even there daughter s will never find love because men didn't teach them anything but greed! Wake up brainwashed, frighten quitterd! Get out of there matrix! Can't u see the misery in there eyes the hole they have & know gave u, in your heart mind u know life! Sex is healthy, love is life! THINK 4 YOURSELF

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Man why can't I find a man like me, meaning; totally free of any misconsoections of sex & sexual preference! Means nothing but closed 2 any pleasure! All sex can be extisy, if u enter into free & clear in mind mostly, no rules in body & sex! Woman have quit on trying 4 love & extisy, in general men are not free in mind, still caught up in the rule book of evil men! Romans, Pope's, priests & Jesus enjoyed being with men as much as woman! Gay men are now descrete, bi man can't find bi man & only freaks & scamming answer adds! I actually advertise myself & body to all secs with no results! But I know what right, free in mind, totally body conscious, will openly, plulically, & dam near love naked, & free, very clearly willing give my body to anyone ready 2 get back that vital part of ever humans that lost this! Why & how can u live that way very sad, miserable people? Try, don't quit, don't ever listen to them!!!! Like in eyes people, pain & big months, valleys, power can't replace Love, Desire, Passion or life breading lust! Wake up I'll freely give u two hour treatment, lessons, session, & ladies, what makes u ladies that missing part of your soul & heart or what it really called healthy life, men that say it does work samething, doctors, homofobics, littledicks that always paid 4 are morons church's are liers, clearly read the Bible use your minds stop running in there matrix!!!! Ladies men don't bite, not crazy, stop with the fear excuse go out & look stop accepting the dickhead! He has nothing in heart, no love or pants
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Gays only gay lesbian only lesbian? No fuck no no rules in pleasure! Transsexual forget the past, I love accept & welcome but only free & clear in mind when in my bed

Khi không mang theo ham muốn, nhân loại sẽ tự nhiên có được những phẩm chất cao đẹp. Không có dục vọng, con người sẽ có ý chí mạnh mẽ và trí tuệ. Không bị dục vọng chi phối, con người sẽ có thể tìm được phương hướng trong cõi mê này, luôn lý trí và sống đúng với chân ngã của mình. “Vô dục” là một cảnh giới tâm linh cao thượng mà trong đó nhân phẩm của một người sẽ giống như một cây thông: vĩnh viễn đứng thẳng trong mưa gió.

Name: Melanie
Gender: female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Taken or single: single
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blue
Birthday: October 19th
Favorite colors : Blue, black, blood red, purple ,neon colors.
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite creepy pasta characters: All of them
favorite bands: Slayer, slipknot, disturbed, Metallica, Whitesnake, Joan Jett and the black hearts , Scorpion, Accept, Kiss, Winger, Red hot chili peppers , Iron maiden, the rolling stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Evanescence, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Queen, Culture Club some a LOT of other bands.
favorite anime: Black Butler, Fate/zero, Seven deadly sins, Gaiter force, Dace with the devil, Death Note.

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whats up ladies im out in dixon ca and looking for fun email me or text me (530)848-6125

So yeah im new to this and also dont have alot of faith n meeting someone off the internet but im willing to try it.anyway I am looking for a friend or if things are right a girlfriend,  if u could send me a picture of you so I can see what you look like please. I live right now in dixon ca but  I have a daughter she's 7 and im trying to get her back at the moment.  Well I like doing just about anything like I said love fishing, hiking, boating, camping and racing etc. Anyway please tell me a little about yourself and include a picture. Hope to hear from u and hopefully hit it off.Soif your interesed email me at or text me at (530)848-6125

I'm 29m looking to have fun any girl
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